Vote-By-Mail Scheme Just Took Another Public Confidence Hit...Big League

Posted: Oct 06, 2020 2:49 AM
Vote-By-Mail Scheme Just Took Another Public Confidence Hit...Big League

Source: AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Look, there’s a reason why vote-by-mail has evaporated from the consciousness of liberal America. It’s trash. Literally. First, seldom do states have any experience dealing with hundreds of thousands of ballots. They won’t be able to be counted in a timely manner that’s for sure. Okay, we’re not talking months, but weeks-long delay is terrible for a country on edge. The opportunities for fraud will be rampant. You saw how long it took to count the ballots for New York’s Democratic primaries. In Paterson, New Jersey, their municipal elections were scrapped because 20 percent of the ballots were fraudulent. And now, even Democrats don’t trust the mail. Oh, the irony is sweet. If you can vote in-person, do so. It’s safe. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci said it’s safe. 

With the Postal Service warning about delays and other issues, like ballot rejection rates being a little on the high side, it’s funny how Democrats scrambled to push for in-person voting now. This scheme took another confidence hit because in Virginia, mailboxes were broken into (via WUSA9):

The Department of Elections said Monday that six outdoor mail collection boxes had been broken into, sometime between Sunday night and that morning.

"At this time, the United States Postal Service is investigating," read the release. "Neither the Department nor USPS has any information about whether any election mail was contained in the boxes."

Officials said anyone who dropped off mail to the three boxes in Henrico, two in Chesterfield and one in Richmond between 3 p.m. Saturday and 7 a.m. Monday should call the USPS at 877.876.2455 to report what they had sent.

NBC 12 has more:

“Obviously, it’s a concern; it’s a concern for us that we’ve got the mailboxes being tampered with,” said U.S. Postal Inspector Michael Romano.

“I saw the yellow tape and the boxes were blocked off and then I saw the news crews here,” said Mary Anne Pugh, a USPS customer. “So, I figured it must be something serious going on.”


While Romano said mail theft is not a common occurrence, he did add it’s a “crime of opportunity” and comes in waves and patterns.

The last large-scale mail theft the USPIS investigated was back in July across Metro Richmond. However, the timing of this crime spree, has left many voters on edge.


“We don’t have any indication at this time; we don’t have any information whether any of the boxes contained any sort of election mail,” Romano said. “What I can tell you is this, we treat every piece of mail with the highest regard and that everyone’s mail is important.”

However, Romano added if there’s any indication that there is a form of election fraud in this case, the FBI will be called in for assistance.

Look, folks, again, just vote in person. We have stories of ballots being left on the ground and being tossed in the trash. You can bet a lot of similar stories will bubble up as Election Day draw nearer.