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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Love him or hate him, Michael Tracey offers commentary that neither side is truly going to like, but it’s necessary, nonetheless. Progressives hate him because he shatters their fragile narratives about racism, Black Lives Matter, Russian collusion, and the overall Trump derangement that has engulfed the Democratic Party and the liberal media establishment. He’s not a conservative, so there you have it regarding what he says about the GOP. Still, to get an honest take from the other side, he’s worth a follow. 


As of now, he seems to be angering the Left more with his pervasive attacks against the insanity that has engulfed his side of the aisle for almost four years. During the debate on Tuesday, he ripped the media for recycling the white supremacist nonsense again. First, he noted that he’s been on the ground to areas heavily impacted by leftist riots. There were no white supremacists. 

“As someone who spent two months covering the aftermath of the most widespread riots in at least 50 years, this never-ending fixation with illusory organized ‘white supremacist’ groups couldn't be more absurd. It's 99% a media invention totally disconnected from reality,” he wrote. 


That’s sure to trigger the liberal media, but Tracey added, “'Proud Boys’ and similar groups would be marginal non-entities if the media didn't chronically exaggerate their influence to advance a fictitious narrative.”

Well, of course, you can imagine the reactions to this from the lefties. Tracey has been one of main targets inside the ship for the legions of the ‘woke.'  Yet, how long have we heard about white supremacist terrorism and how it's somehow an existential threat?  Besides those who actively seek them out for interviews, I have yet to actually see a Proud Boy, a Nazi, or a Klan member. It’s the same thing the QAnon nonsense. These people don’t number in the millions. It is over-blown. And one of the worst pivots the liberal media has made in the past ten years on this stuff is trying to say that white supremacist terrorism is more deadly or troublesome than that from radical Islamic terror groups. The KKK is a bigger threat than ISIS or al-Qaeda? Yeah, sure, Jan.

Yet, his latest thread is sure to bring the left-wing clowns into full froth, where Tracey highlights the real allies of white supremacy: the liberal media [emphasis mine]:

The biggest ally of the small number of ‘white supremacists’ who actually do exist is the hysterical profit-driven corporate media -- as well as activist dupes who march in lockstep -- which constantly pumps up these non-entities for clicks, ratings and cheap anti-Trump theatrics.”

Once again, Trump was asked to denounce white supremacy, as he has done many times now if people bothered to read the transcripts of the multiple pressers, scheduled and impromptu, that the president has held. 


Yet, this is an ‘as expected’ response, right? It’s annoying. It’s irritating. But this is the Left in 2020. Everything is racist, everything is problematic, and tear down all the statues. It’s nuts. And the 'everything is racist' war cry is becoming one of the biggest punchlines in politics. It’s a joke, which is not too far removed from the clown show where all of this insanity is emanating from. The point source is not hard to find.

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