CNN Segment on Fascism, Trump, and Coronavirus Went Just as You'd Expect

Posted: Sep 01, 2020 3:30 PM
CNN Segment on Fascism, Trump, and Coronavirus Went Just as You'd Expect

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

If there is one thing that the liberal media will always weave into their coverage when a Republican occupies the White House, it’s Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. Without fail, this will happen. Every Republican is Hitler until they die, and then they love them. That’s no accident. They want all of us to die. But it’s quite a stretch to thread the Trump’s response to COVID is like the Holocaust, right? Nope. CNN did it, and with some guy who claims to be an “expert” on fascism. Tim Graham at Newsbusters has more on this segment. Oh, and this was Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources, so you know this was a total clown show. the “expert” was Yale professor Jason Stanley, who Graham noted is a Bernie Sanders and Liz Warren donor (via Newsbusters):

BRIAN STELTER: And how far down the road would you say it is happening?

JASON STANLEY: Well, we don't have a fascist regime, but arguably, Trumpism is something akin to a fascist social and political movement. And at the very least, we have massive use of fascist tactics. We've got militias roaming the streets.

We have -- we have one of our political parties turning into a cult of a leader. The RNC platform was just whatever Trump wants. That's an extremely worrisome sign.

 Okay, we get it. Trump is a threat to our country, his supporters are proto-Nazis, and we’re all terrible people. Keep going.

STELTER: Let's go to the next pillars. Victimhood, we see a lot of conservative victimhood in right-wing media. Law and order, well, that's the president's favorite thing. Sexual anxiety, Sodom and Gomorrah. And tell us about the tenth pillar.

STANLEY: Arbeit macht frei, work shall make you free. So, the idea here is social Darwinism. The idea is that only the fit survive, winning is the only thing that matters. Hitler's book is called my struggle, Mein Kampf. The idea is one group has emerged in struggle victorious. We can get rid of the weak. We don't need them. You know, a pandemic is something that's just going to clear the weak. They have to be sacrificed for the strength of the nation.

STELTER: But no one is literally saying that. Are you talking about what the subtext of the rhetoric is?

STANLEY: The subtext of the rhetoric, why do we have to -- you know, the economy becomes more important than lives of the vulnerable. So what we have in these liberty liberate America, free America rallies is we have people calling for -- you know, we have to return, we have to sacrifice people to the strength of the economy.

Well, of course, we don’t have a true party that peddles national socialism, but what Trump is doing is like a soft Holocaust or something regarding COVID. Typical CNN. Typical liberal media. Also, the economy is on track for a tremendous recovery, but you’ll never hear that on this anti-Trump network obviously.