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AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Look, folks—I admit that I overreacted to the coronavirus with the lockdown stuff. Mid-March the Dow Jones lost close to 10,000 points in a week. The daily 1,800-2,000-point drops were brutal and unsustainable. Maybe a 15-20-day stay-at-home order was agreeable, but then these Democratic governors from King Murphy in New Jersey to Adolf Whitmer in Michigan kept tacking on arbitrary extensions. No one knew anything. We still don’t, given that the so-called experts are too busy sewing panic and anti-Trump vitriol than studying the virus. Then, a new backdrop that totally wrecked the lockdown hysteria: the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May. 

Now, it was okay to go outside. The virus was non-transmissible if you were protesting in support of liberal causes, you see. 

'Stay and home and save lives' morphed into 'get outside or you’re racist' in rapid time. The same timeframe as to when Democrats thought the travel ban from China was racist, and how it was fine to be outside and celebrate Chinese New Year all because Trump voiced his concern about this pathogen which originated in Wuhan. The Democratic Party went from ‘party time’ to ‘get inside.’ The hypocrisy is stunning. 

It’s been an endless parade of nonsense. Mayor Bill de Blasio first said that New York City schools would be closed, but the daycare centers would be open. Makes no sense. He also banned large gatherings, except Black Lives Matter protests. Makes no sense. And finally, tried to ban the 9/11 Memorial lighting ceremony over COVID concerns, whereas he has no qualms about the COVID cases that spiked…because of the mass protests. And did I forget to mention that he ordered city officials in the contact tracing program to avoid asking new COVID patients if they were at any demonstrations? Democrats are trash.

And lo and behold, we have a new graph based on data from New Zealand shows that cases reduced dramatically when the lockdowns were eased. 

In the US, New York, the mecca of COVID, remains the state with the highest level of infestation and death. It also did a swell job-killing its elderly and infirmed with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s insane policy of forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. And he’s looked as some hero in all of this. As Tom Elliott, founder of Grabien Media, commented on this graph, “am increasingly convinced COVID would already be over if we did the exact opposite of what politicians have been demanding.”

Yeah, he might be right. Meanwhile, Florida, which the liberal media is just lusting to experience more infections and death, will never reach New York levels—ever. In fact, cases and hospitalizations are going down in the Sunshine State. Sorry, liberals. No one can ever screw up as badly as the Democratic Party, whether that be on the economy or responding to a virus. 

Editor's Note: Post was tweaked to clarify that New Zealand was the basis for the data in the COVID lockdown graph.

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