Seattle Police Officer Surrenders: 'You Guys Won'

Posted: Aug 17, 2020 2:35 PM
Seattle Police Officer Surrenders: 'You Guys Won'

Source: AP Photo/Aron Ranen

I mean, are you shocked? Law enforcement has endured weeks of abuse, rioting, targeted violence—and all of it quasi-endorsed by the Democratic Party. Overtime has been cut. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose presides over a city that’s being destroyed before our very eyes, announced he’s cutting $1 billion from the NYPD because…he’s an insufferable leftist clown. The LAPD is also cutting overtime. The Big Apple is now seeing a rush of officers filing their retirement papers. They’re finished. On the Left Coast, it’s even worse, with Democratic politicians pretty much saying the leftist seizure of a large swath of Seattle will lead to a summer of love. Riots have continued here, spurred on by those who are mostly whiter than Wonder Bread. It’s no longer about the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd in Minneapolis last May, which sparked this latest wave of Black Lives Matter and anti-police activism. It’s about Marxism. It’s about control. It’s about leftist violence.

One police officer in Seattle is reportedly shown admitting total defeat, saying he’s quitting the force. When the demonstrator asks if it’s over police brutality, the officer says it’s over the protests, which leads to a profanity-laced tirade against the officer. It gets worse when the police officer asks why both sides meet in the middle, maybe even become friends. Admittedly, this is not the question to ask a group of lawless thugs, but here you go (via The Hill):

In the video that was posted to Twitter Saturday, the officer, who is not named in the clip, is seen pulling up in a patrol car next to the protester who is filming the video and asks him if he is having a good day.

“Not really, you’re around,” the man, whose face is out of the frame throughout the video, replies.

“Oh, well I’m sorry for that,” the officer says. “But don’t worry, man, because guess what? I’m leaving. You guys won. F---ing two months, baby. I’m out.” 

The protester then asks if the officer is going to resign and how he feels about it. 

“I’m f---ing feeling great. Yeah, I am leaving this department. You guys won,” the officer responds.


The officer then gets out of his car to deal with a disturbance while the protester yells out to other demonstrators: “he said he’s tired of us and he’s going to resign because of Black Lives Matter, not because he’s tired of the police!”

When the officer gets back in his vehicle the protester begins to berate him. 

“Hey, you triggered, boy? You triggered?” the protester says. “Oink oink. Oink oink. Yeah, f--- you and your blue lives, boy. F--- you and your blue lives.”

“Why can’t we be friends?” the officer asks. 

“No, we ain't ever going to be friends,” the protester responds. “We’ll never see eye to eye. We’ll never see eye to eye. I don’t give a f--- if you’re taking that badge off. You’ll never be my people. You’ll never be my friend.” 

Yeah, this is terrible. And Seattle has gone on an assault against its police, passing a resolution that will lead to some cuts and layoffs. It wasn’t the 50 percent defending push that the most left-wing members of the council wanted, however. These attacks on police lead to the city’s black police chief, Carmen Best, to submit her resignation. White liberals drove out the city’s top black cop. How messed up is that? But that’s liberalism in 2020. 

We’re the party of law and order. The Democrats are the party of spitting in the face of police officers, calling them Nazis, and giving their cities over to the mob. Folks, they walked it back, but there were officials in Minneapolis, who are moving forward with abolishing its police department, that doled an announcement to residents that told them to—get this—be prepared to hand over their items to armed intruders. What in the fresh hell is going on in liberal cities? Mayhem apparently. And without the backing of local leaders, cops are done being used as punching bags. I don’t blame them. With no cops, it’s up to the federal government to enforce law and order in these hell holes. Let them. In fact, it may be time to invoke the Insurrection Act in these areas. Deploy the tanks. That’s what I say. Deploy the military, drones, apache helicopters—anything and everything to put this mob down. We’ve had months of their crap. With no local law enforcement, the military should wheel on in with no kid gloves. Put these punks in their place. And this is all the Left’s fault, by the way. It’s all their fault. They pushed it to this point with their clown-like policies of suggesting that armies of…social workers could handle homicides, drive-by shootings, and armed robberies. 

Oh, and should we remind people that defunding the police is pretty unpopular, even among black Americans. So, please, Democrats, keep pushing the 'Escape from New York' agenda.