You Can Tell That Bernie Can't Muster the MoJo to Give Biden a Full-Throated Progressive Endorsement

Posted: Aug 17, 2020 11:21 PM
You Can Tell That Bernie Can't Muster the MoJo to Give Biden a Full-Throated Progressive Endorsement

Source: Democratic National Convention via AP

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a two-time presidential candidate, did his very best to give Joe Biden some cover with the progressive Left, but it simply fell flat. It’s not hard to see where Bernie feels the passion that catapulted him into the national limelight. It’s not hard to see where Bernie end and the DNC begins in his speech to Democrats tonight.

Sanders thanks his supporters for their support and trust. He credited them with helping move this nation in a bolder, new direction. The ideas they campaigned on that were once deemed radical are now mainstream. Yet, he warned that all of this progress is in jeopardy if Donald Trump is re-elected to a second term in office. The Vermont socialist said this was about preserving our democracy. He lamented how the unthinkable has become normal. How this administration deployed the military and federal agents against peaceful protesters. He warned about how cancerous authoritarianism is to democracy, saying he will work with progressives, moderates, and even conservatives in preserving our government.

Okay, well, first these aren’t peaceful protesters in Seattle, Portland, and all along the Left Coast.  Second, Sanders really should keep quiet on the authoritarian lectures because he appears to be fine accepting aspects if exhibited by left-wing revolutionaries, like Fidel Castro. Remember, he wouldn’t fully condemn everything Castro did because…everyone can read there. Yeah, that was the beginning of the end for his 2020 campaign. 

Sanders continued to spew hellfire on Trump, pretty much blaming him for the 170,000 COVID deaths, his supposed rejection of science, and his attacks of doctors. I guess no one told Sanders that Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, is responsible for nearly half of these deaths by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-positive patients. Cuomo is the grim reaper, but he got lots of cover from the liberal press; he’s a future presidential candidate. The Vermont senator also said that over 30 million have lost their jobs and that Trump’s economic negligence is somehow responsible. It’s not. China caused the COVID pandemic and we’re in the midst of a V-shaped economic recovery. 

Bernie then switched gears to say some nice things about Joe. He said he would rebuild infrastructure, make it easier to for workers to join unions, end private prisons, the school-to-prison pipeline, and cash bail. But the energy was gone. Sanders truly doesn’t believe that Joe is the way. He can’t. Bernie is a left-wing revolutionary and moderation and establishment candidate will and always have disappointed this cohort. The health care part was the kicker, where Bernie admitted that Joe and he have deep disagreements upon how to bring about universal health care coverage—but added that Joe’s plan will greatly expand health care and cut the costs of prescription drugs. That’s not what these people want—the Bernie bros. They want universal health care now. They want Medicare-for-All now. If that’s not in the cards, why bother voting for Joe. Better yet, why bother voting for him with the possibility of his administration being a disaster, making the landscape ripe again for a Republican to win which would further push back the timeline for universal health care. 

Bernie ended by saying that Joe will end the hate and division that’s gripping the nation, thanks to leftists—and that racist dog-whistling, bigotry, and ugly attacks on women will end or something.

He got his mojo back in the end when he said that the future of our democracy, planet, and economy is at stake. 

“My friends, the price of failure is just too great to imagine,” he said in closing. 

Okay, of course, what Bernie said about Trump is trash, but this really wasn’t a ringing endorsement of Biden. There is talk of an enthusiasm gap with Biden. Oh, it’s there. I cannot stand what these Republicans for Biden folks are doing, but the fact that Democrats need to use these people to fill space in the convention slots to further inflate Biden’s supposed crackerjack political reputation, then I going to suggest that there’s trouble ahead. Biden is ahead by less than 10 points. We have three debates planned. The economy is turning around. And all it takes is one bad debate moment for this whole race to truly be altered. The Left is in a rush to really play up Biden, which cannot be truly maximized since he hides in the basement.