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Matt McClain/The Washington Post via AP

We have the right guy at the Department of Justice. Period. William Barr could possibly be one of the best, if not the best, cabinet picks during his tenure in the White House. The man is calm, collected, professional, and easily shreds any liberal nonsense hurled his way. He’s obviously in support of our police who are under assault by far-left lawmakers across the country who are trying to defund their departments. The rioting in some of the most liberal bastions of the country has taken a wild turn, with left-wing clowns in Portland and Seattle trying to systematically destroy the city. It’s no longer about George Floyd. It’s about Marxism. It’s quite clear that the BLM movement was a vehicle for the far left to latch onto like a barnacle to mobilize for their agenda items. It got so bad that federal agents had to be deployed to be problematic areas, which caused local leaders, who did nothing to bring calm to the situation, to go apoplectic. Too bad, kids. The federal government has every right to step in and enforce law and order, and to protect federal property. In Portland, they tried to burn down the federal courthouse there. If you people didn’t quasi-endorse leftist militias seizing portions of the city, as they did in Seattle, then maybe federal agents wouldn’t be needed. Only a total idiot would buy that this deployment was a prelude to a fascist takeover, or Trump laying the groundwork to steal the 2020 election, or an occupation.

The tinfoil hat nonsense about Operation Legend initiated by the DOJ has been beyond insane. So, with Democrats, liberals, and far-left wingnuts spitting on police, with the latter assaulting, shooting, and running them over in cities across the country during the Floyd riots, a small gathering of folks in Virginia supporting law enforcement caught the eye of AG Barr, who asked his FBI detail to make a quick pit stop so that he could personally thank these people. 

His spokesperson at DOJ, Kerry Kupec tweeted a video of the event. 

“This is awesome,” said one person as the attorney general ventured into the small, but passionate group of “Back the Blue” supporters. 

Barr also thanked some of them for their kind words regarding his recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in which Trump-deranged Democrats spent hours berating him and refusing to let him speak, despite the fact that he was invited to do so in this setting. It was a de facto 2020 campaign rally, where Democrats could put on a show. Barr was still cool as a cucumber. And there was a reason why Democrats didn’t allow him to speak: he would have eviscerated their arguments, as he’s done in the past. 

The DOJ was in the lonely position of neutral before Barr was confirmed. Now, he’s righting the ship. It’s the little things that have big impacts. Barr’s actions and his no-nonsense attitude towards enforcing our laws and getting to the bottom of the Trump-Russia fiasco already should have assured us that he’s the right guy for the job there. This act of gratitude towards those who support our police is just another checkmark in the positive column. 

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