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AP Photo/John Minchillo

Leah teed off on this yesterday morning, but the coronavirus panic is over. It's done. Finished. And the lockdowns are done too. You can't keep us locked up. Not anymore. Stay inside unless there's a Black Lives Matter thing going on is what we've been told for two weeks. The credibility of the experts is over. The era of the experts is over. There is no pause to a pandemic, and if there are spikes of COVID cases, it'll be because of all these demonstrations and riots that ensued following the officer-involved fatality of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police on May 25.


We were told to stay inside and keep the hospitals from being overrun. It was meant to help out the medical workers, remember? Nope. Medical workers and experts were out there supporting these protests, while the media shamed those who dared to venture outside. The old line was, "you're all selfish bastards for going outside or wanting to reopen your business." It quickly became "why aren't you protesting racism, you selfish bastard?" Silence is violence with this mob. Words are violence, too. 

The quick switch just adds to the notion that this virus, while contagious, really wasn't all that bad. How could it be for the media and the Democratic Party to turn on such a dime? In New York City, Comrade Bill de Blasio's new contact tracing edict is bound for failure; you are not to ask new COVID patients if they had attended any George Floyd demonstrations. Now, how does that make any sense? It's just glorious to watch. Now that the Floyd unrest is dying down, these same so-called experts have revamped the panic porn machine on coronavirus and just expect us to go back inside. I can't laugh any harder. We're not. And there will be no second lockdown. If people die, they die. Life isn't fair, and you can blame the medical experts for blowing up their own spot on this. We don't have to listen to you anymore, Democratic operatives. And yes, these so-called doctors are no better than MSNBC talking heads. The nation has moved on; we're getting back to normal. Onward we go, so please shut up.


Liberal lawyer Michael Tracey has also been torching the professional medical experts, media figures, and Democrats for their sudden silence on social distancing. You may disagree with him regarding the virus, as he said this pathogen was serious and that we should still abide by social distancing protocols, but he's been rather brutal calling out the hypocrisy on the Left. He's torched the Right as well, but he tweeted yesterday, "it's now 100% obvious that the greatest obstacle to containing the pandemic was the Left, not the Right."

"It's the Left which is now by far most responsible for obliterating the political legitimacy of any further virus containment measures," he added.


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