A Liberal Reporter's Observation About Journalists of Color Is Sure To Infuriate the Left-Wing Mob

Posted: Jun 09, 2020 3:05 PM
A Liberal Reporter's Observation About Journalists of Color Is Sure To Infuriate the Left-Wing Mob

Source: AP Photo/Matt York

[Warning: Post contains some strong language] 

Former Young Turks reporter Michael Tracey has been catching hell with his tweets covering the George Floyd unrest and the overall meltdown we're seeing from the Left. He's progressive, but he's not afraid to call out the lunatic trends that are assimilating his side of the aisle. Recently, he's been horrified by how major publications have caved to this lunatic fringe.

If you haven't followed Tracey since the days of him just torching the liberal media for peddling the Trump-Russia collusion insanity, you'd think he's a conservative. He has gone on a tear warning about how the activist and media wings of the Left have merged; they're culturally ascendant and totally insane. When The New York Times threw a tantrum about Sen. Tom Cotton's (R-AR) op-ed about using the military to restore law and order, Tracey declared the media industry as "totally f***ed." He's also torched those throwing the fit, calling them "cry-bullies" and coddled to no end.

We seem to have forgotten from the endless stories of college illiberal insanity that these kids have graduated and have embedded themselves in some of the nation's cultural bastions. The effects of that trend have been horrifying. Nothing about Cotton's op-ed was problematic in the real, normal world. The talk about standards The Times peddled to quell the unrest within their halls was made up. Another liberal reporter, William Saletan of Slate, called out the newspaper for peddling a fraudulent reason to denounce the op-ed. He saw right through the nonsense. The insane part was that scores of reporters at The NYT claimed that running Cotton's piece put black lives in danger.

Commenting on the meltdown at The TimesTracey tweeted, "It seems like if you're a 'journalist of color' all you have to do is say 'I'm. So. F**king Tired' and every media institution will immediately cave to your insane, incoherent demands."

He'll toss a hand grenade into the tent, that's for sure. And the response he got was what you'd expect from the Left:

And that reaction is why we are where we are, folks.

"What the media trolls don't understand is many of their colleagues privately agree with me, and tell me so, but are too petrified to say anything publicly because they know they will be destroyed," said Tracey. Yeah, when you have Gushers making moves to avoid being torched by the progressive mob, you know things are out of control. The chance that fruit snacks would be attacked by this mob was already remote, but you do you, I guess.

This leftist orgy is out of control. And even the most ardent liberals in the country see it. There is no way the "defund the police" war cry is popular with regular voters. With the unhinged mob, of course, any Marxist idea is popular. Not wanting to be robbed and raped is white privilege now, too. They've gone off the rails—and I'm not so sure that their ideas will be considered fringe within liberal politics for long. We're slowly seeing this left-wing cancer eat the Democratic Party from within.