Anti-Gun Activist: Gun Purchases Will Cause More Wuhan Coronavirus Deaths or Something

Posted: Apr 24, 2020 4:45 PM

So, in the latest episode of ‘Orange man…bad,’ we have an anti-gun activist suggesting that Trump is killing people because he’s designated gun stores as essential businesses. So, gun purchases could lead to more Wuhan coronavirus deaths or something. It’s absurd. It’s an overreach, one that was primed to be exploited in the Wuhan era. Anti-gun liberals’ lust for any reason to ban or restrict gun sales is encapsulated here. It harkens back to what Katie wrote right before this outbreak became serious on the coasts and in the New York City area, where an Illinois mayor tried to ban ammunition and gun sales due to the virus. 

Stephen Gutowski and Graham Piro of the Washington Free Beacon joined the virtual townhall where the activist, Fred Guttenberg, made such a declaration:

Gun-control activist and Joe Biden surrogate Fred Guttenberg said the presumptive Democratic nominee would shut down gun stores in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Guttenberg told the audience at a virtual town hall Monday that Trump was killing Americans by allowing gun stores to remain open, pointing to federal guidelines that labeled gun businesses "essential."

"This decision by this administration is going to lead to additional people dying in this country," Guttenberg said. "Joe Biden would not have called these essential businesses in the middle of a pandemic. It's that simple. And so shame on the politicians who allowed this to happen. Shame on the businesses who are using this pandemic as a business sales opportunity."

Guns and their availability during the pandemic have been a point of contention in the 2020 presidential race. Biden accused his former rival, socialist Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, of being responsible for "150 million" gun deaths because of a decade-old vote on manufacturer liability. Guttenberg similarly said the blame would be on Trump for additional deaths stemming from gun sales, calling gun stores' continued operations "the height of irresponsibility."

I know Townhall readers have disagreed with me on the lockdown issue concerning the coronavirus outbreak in the US, but this is where we can find agreement. Gun stores are essential. In crazy times like these, people go off their rocker and you must be able to defend yourself, besides it being your constitutional right. And yes, when you give government this amount of power in some areas, usually places that were anti-gun, to begin with—this is bound to happen. Nevertheless, no, gun stores being open won’t lead to more coronavirus deaths. And no, Trump isn’t responsible, but you already know that. In terms of the blame game, this reads a 1.5 on the Richter scale. The media has blamed Trump for the virus, then blamed him for the China and European travel bans, for mentioning how hydroxychloroquine could be a form of treatment against the symptoms of the disease in the absence of a vaccine, and for dithering regarding the US response to the virus. Liberals, of course, leave out that in February, the number of US-based cases was low, and we were still researching this pathogen. We still are, but timelines and facts get in the way of the media’s ongoing crusade against this White House. And yes, you bet, at the end of this, they’re going to find something to rehash their impeachment fantasy against this administration. 

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