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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

We all know Sen. Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist, but he’s really a hardcore commie. He wants a political revolution in this country. And he’s starting to find out that there are large swaths of this country and within the Democratic Party who want none of it. Black voters and suburbanites are quite a voter bloc, and they all came out on Super Tuesday for Joe Biden, who ripped the frontrunner title from Sanders in less than two weeks. Yes, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropping out certainly helped consolidate the more moderate vote around Biden—and not a moment too soon—but it shows that Sanders’ agenda of free college, tax hikes for everyone, and government-run health care isn’t resonating with the voters that will be able to win a national election.


Like communism, on paper—sounds great, doesn’t work. Young people are a huge part of the Sanders’ base, but they don’t vote. This is something of a sigh of relief. I thought Sanders was going to win the nomination with the Obama coalition since union workers, young people, and Latinos were flocking to his banner. The wild card was black voters. Biden had reportedly dipped with these voters in South Carolina by 19 points since November, but Rep. James Clyburn gave Biden his endorsement, and the rest is history. Black Democrats have once again blocked the Sanders revolution from becoming a reality. We can talk about how this race could be over next week. Now, as this contest moves east and the proportion of Latinos in the voter population dips, Sanders could be in trouble. We can talk about how scores of young Latinos are registered independents and won’t be able to vote for Sanders in a string of upcoming closed primaries. For now, let’s talk about the Soviet Union.

Bernie visited the former nation on his honeymoon. If he were a Republican, we would be smeared as a Russian agent. I mean, President Trump is considered by many Democrats to be a KGB agent, and he’s done nothing other than beat Hillary Clinton in the most stunning upset in political history. There is zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. Zero. That narrative has been killed three times now. The Mueller Report, the Department of Justice inspector general report on Obama-era FISA abuses debunked it, and failed 2020 Mike Bloomberg campaign showed that a) the billionaire class can’t buy an election; and b) did $200-300k in Facebook ads that centered on shoddy memes truly influence the 2016 election? Still, Democrats think the Kremlin tilted the race to the annoyance of decent, rational people everywhere. What is true about Bernie is that his pilgrimage to the USSR led to him becoming the focus of a propaganda campaign. It’s all detailed in a lengthy piece in The New York Times (via NYT):


The mayor of Burlington, Vt., wrote to a Soviet counterpart in a provincial city that he wanted the United States and the Soviet Union to “live together as friends.”

Unbeknown to him, his desire for friendship meshed with the efforts of Soviet officials in Moscow to “reveal American imperialism as the main source of the danger of war.”

That mayor was Bernie Sanders, and the story of his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union has been told before. But many of the details of Mr. Sanders’s Cold War diplomacy before and after that visit — and the Soviet effort to exploit Mr. Sanders’s antiwar agenda for their own propaganda purposes — have largely remained out of sight.

The New York Times examined 89 pages of letters, telegrams and internal Soviet government documents revealing in far greater detail the extent of Mr. Sanders’s personal effort to establish ties between his city and a country many Americans then still considered an enemy despite the reforms being initiated at the time under Mikhail S. Gorbachev, the Soviet general secretary.

They also show how the Kremlin viewed these sister city relationships as vehicles to sway American public opinion about the Soviet Union.

“One of the most useful channels, in practice, for actively carrying out information-propaganda efforts has proved to be sister-city contact,” a Soviet Foreign Ministry document provided to Yaroslavl officials said.

The documents are part of a government archive in Yaroslavl, Russia, which became the sister city of Burlington. The files are open to the public, though archivists there said that, until now, no one had asked to see them.

Nothing in the documents suggests that Mr. Sanders was the only local American official targeted for propaganda, or even that he was particularly receptive to it, though they do describe him as a socialist. But the documents do show the Soviets’ intensive preparation to use Mr. Sanders’s interest in their country to their advantage.


So, Sanders, or shall we call him ‘Little Nikita,’ was more of a Russian agent than the liberal media could portray Trump as in this endless cycle of myth-telling. No, portray isn’t the right word. Smear—smear is the correct term.

For Sanders, him being a Russian asset, well—I’ll let you decide. These are the Left’s rules. Just saying. And it’s part of a cumulative effect here. Democrats say Trump is ‘buddy-buddy’ with authoritarian regimes, which isn’t true, but you all know that already, whereas Sanders is on tape speaking fondly of left-wing authoritarian government. He also refuses to condemn such governments in Latin America. Okay—he’s reticent at best. Not good. Recently, Bernie earned the ire of Florida Democrats when he said that the Castro regime did some bad things but had good marks on health care and literacy. That’s quite the pivot.

‘Yeah, bad things happened in Cuba under Castro (like the firing squads), but at least everyone can read now.’ It’s out of touch. It’s insane. It’s being ‘buddy-buddy’ with left-wing dictators. Also, Cuban health care is trash. So, Bernie is a left-wing radical, says nice things about Latin American leftists, and was used as Soviet propaganda.

Bernie 2020. Yikes.


(H/T Katie Pavlich)


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