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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Nevada Caucus has come and gone, but the debate leading to it had some rather worrisome tidbits if you’re a worker in the Rust Belt. The Democrats just hate you. That’s all we can gather from their agenda, especially Sen. Bernie Sanders.


If he isn’t bellowing about health care, it’s climate change. We’re less than a decade away from all of us dying from global warming, according to the Vermont senator. So, that means we have to act now. Not tomorrow, not after breakfast—now! We’re all going to die…unless we do exactly what the Democrats want on this issue, which is typical. And in doing so, Sanders, like his former rival Hillary Clinton, may have had his own coal miner moment. You might remember from 2016 that the former first lady and two-time presidential loser promised to put a lot of coal miners out of business if elected president. 

In 2020, MSNBC’s Chuck Todd asked Sanders what he would say to workers in the Rust Belt, specifically in the key state of Pennsylvania, who are in the natural gas industry. It supports hundreds of thousands of jobs. Banning it, which is what Sanders wants to do, will destroy this industry overnight. And Todd aptly noted The New York Times report that quoted top union leaders in the Keystone State stating that if Sanders or Liz Warren is the 2020 nominee, they will tell their people to either vote for Trump or stay home

Sanders’ response was what you’d expect:

What I tell these workers is that the scientists are telling us that if we don’t act incredibly boldly within the next 6-7 years there will be irreparable damage done not just to Nevada, not just to Vermont, or Massachusetts, but to the entire world. 

Translation: I’m going to screw you over. It’s not as blunt as Hillary, but the effects are the same. Will it derail his campaign like Hillary? That remains to be seen. Concerning the primary contest, no—Sanders is probably going to be the nominee. Yet, workers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin—take notice. The Green New Deal, which Sanders backs, will ruin you. Yes, he says 20 million new jobs will be created. What they don’t tell you is that millions of Americans will be punished and subjected to economic destitution because they work for industries liberal America hates. They hate you, remember that. 

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