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AP Photo/Jeffrey McWhorter

This chapter of the Trump impeachment fiasco will end in the House, but not before going way into the night. We all should have expected this. The Republicans are in the minority in the House, but they’re going to drag this process out in protest. They will and should do everything to gum up the works. It’s a witch hunt. It’s partisan. It’s unpopular. It’s not bipartisan in the slightest. Even moderate Republicans who were more open-minded about this fiasco aren’t breaking. That’s how you know the Democrats’ charges are garbage. The obstruction of Congress and abuse of power charges are weak sauce.  Given how Democrats have reacted to the Trump presidency, you can see how this comes off as charges based on feelings. Feelings of hatred that the Left harbors for the president. Yes, the Trump White House wouldn’t cooperate in an exercise that would lead with them being hung from a tree. It’s was nonsense. Abuse of power? Is this a joke? If that’s the threshold, then Barack Obama should have been impeached for invoking executive privilege for Fast and Furious.


Throughout today, Democrat after Democrat talked about how this was a sad day. Yeah, not for them. They’ve been relishing this moment since day one of the Trump administration. Impeaching Trump has been a promise to the Democratic base. The charges are garbage, but time is running out. It’s an election year. Russian collusion was going to be the main event. The Mueller report torched that. On the quid pro quo allegations, the House Democrats’ hearings on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees burned that to the ground as well. 

And let’s get to the heart of that issue. Some CIA agent alleged in a whistleblower report that Trump threatened to withheld aid to Ukraine unless they investigate possible corruption charges regarding Hunter Biden’s seat on an energy company where he was making $50,000/month allegedly selling access to then-top Obama officials when daddy Biden was serving as vice president. The agent is reportedly a registered Democrat, had served on the Obama White House’s National Security Council staff, and had worked with a 2020 Democrat. This person even contacted the staff of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, before filing the complaint; Schiff knew about the weaponized the contents of the report. Talk about bias. Talk about the anti-Trump deep state. There’s a reason why this impeachment circus began in secret. It’s a weak impeachment case. 


This isn’t about the rule of law. This is about hate. This is about nullifying the results of the 2016 election. While Democrats have wasted their majority trying to find ways to impeach Trump, the Republicans, and this administration have worked hard to get this economy back on track. Over three million new jobs created, bigger paychecks, record lows in unemployment across the board concerning women, African-Americans, Asians, and Latinos, consumer and small business confidence levels have reached their highest levels in years, and the trade deal between Canada and Mexico (USMCA) is making its final moves towards passage. The economy is doing well, but Democrats want to trash it. And that’s where we can see the end of this story here.

The Republican Senate isn’t going to remove Trump. All this circus has done is spiked Trump’s approval levels, made impeachment unpopular, and move swing states further out of reach for Democrats. They’re being flanked marched here. they think this fight is akin to abolishing slavery or fighting the Revolutionary War. Yeah, you cannot make this up. And Democrats feel that Trump is such an existential threat to the country that they cannot trust another election or the voters to handle this properly. This isn’t about the rule of law or upholding institutional integrity. This is about the 2016 election. This is about Trump Derangement syndrome. This is about Democrats refusing to accept that they’re wrong. Unless you’re a mindless liberal, no one believes this snake oil that Democrats are doing this for the republic. The backstory, the nonsensical rhetoric from the Left, the bias—all of this exposes this charade for what it is: an anti-Trump coup attempt aided by members of the deep state and the liberal media. It’s not convincing. They’re no persuasive, which is why even Democrats are starting to bolt from this insane asylum. This could be the biggest in-kind contribution Democrats could make to the Trump 2020 re-elect. 


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