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AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) isn’t doing his party any favors if they want to retake Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. That goes double for Wisconsin, which is a must-win for Democrats and one that they may have the most difficult time moving back into the blue column. The majority of voters here are opposed to impeachment, they like Trump’s economic agenda, and they simply just do not care about this Ukraine drama. The liberal media waterboarded the whole country with this nonsense and it hasn’t moved the needle. 


This all stems from a whistleblower complaint filed by a reported CIA agent, who is also a registered Democrat and someone who had worked with a 2020 Democratic candidate. The allegation is that Trump threatened to withhold aid unless the Ukrainians opened an investigation into Hunter Biden, his position at Burisma, and whether there was a conflict of interest since his father was vice president and spearheading efforts to root out corruption in the country; Burisma wasn’t necessarily a squeaky clean operation. Oh, and did I mention that this person had contacted Schiff’s staff. Schiff probably knows this person and knew the contents of the complaint before it was filed. Now, there are reports that Trump also knew, which the liberal media is trying to make into something. It’s whatever. Seriously, if Trump knew, then he knew that a circus would erupt. The media would overreact because they’re stupid, lazy, and corrupt. When you know that—you can make these clowns do anything. What’s more damning is that Schiff, who has wanted to boot Trump since day one, knows the whistleblower, helped the whistleblower, and weaponized his second-hand account—this guy did not listen in on the call—to execute a biased and shoddy impeachment effort not because there is any wrongdoing here, but because the Democratic Party promised their base that they would do this. 


With Clinton and Nixon, there was clear evidence of wrongdoing. There’s nothing here. Nothing. And voters in this key battleground state don’t appear to be swayed. They are swayed by Trump’s economy, which has allowed businesses to flourish in the state (via Associated Press):

Everything they say, it’s so repetitive. To me, it’s like they’re beating their heads against the wall,” said Harry Rose, a 78-year-old retired factory worker and Trump supporter in Racine County, a swing county in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Nicole Morrison, a 36-year-old nurse who can’t see herself voting for Trump in 2020, had a similar review.


“For the most part, most Americans already have pretty solidified views of the president,” said Josh Schwerin, senior strategist for the Democratic super PAC Priorities USA. “There’s a small segment of the population that can be moved, and they’re not paying as close attention to the day-to-day ins and outs of the impeachment hearings.”

It’s a disappointing — if not unexpected — response for Democrats, who had hoped to use the hearings to sway public opinion. Without that backing, it’s virtually impossible to imagine Republican senators voting to convict Trump.


Morrison, the nurse, also says she’s undecided, though she typically leans Democratic. Impeachment isn’t swaying her, though, because she says she can’t trust what she hears about the president anymore.

“I feel like we’ve been hearing since the second that he was elected president he needs to be impeached,” she said. “So why waste my time to listen to it?”

Democrats will also have to reach some of their key constituencies that stayed home in 2016 — minorities and young voters. And there’s some sign in Racine that the impeachment proceedings could have the opposite effect, if they further cement a sense of disillusionment with Washington.


Republicans, meanwhile, will need to maintain their coalition of white working-class voters and suburban moderates to hold onto a swing state like Wisconsin. That means persuading those voters to focus on the economy.

There are signs of success for Republicans on that front...“He’s probably guilty of something. … I thought he might run into problems because it’s just the way he is,” said Scott Davis, a 67-year-old landscaper from Sturtevant, a manufacturing town that’s a key base for Republican votes in the county.

But Davis said his business has flourished, and he lauded Trump’s handling of the economy. Controversies or not, Davis said he sees no reason not to support the president in 2020.


Great job, liberal media. You’ve done such a bad job reporting on this White House that even Democrats can’t believe your garbage. Oh, we’ve said so before, the media is one of the biggest in-kind contributors to the 2020 Trump re-elect campaign and they’re just too stupid to realize it. Voters simply do not care. And the fact that they find that interesting just shows the disconnect between these elite media types and everyone else (via Newsbusters):

Tuesday’s CBS This Morning featured political correspondent Ed O’Keefe’s latest installment of his “3 Meals in...” series which took him to southern California for meals with a wide spectrum of voters in Bakersfield, Bell, and Newport Beach. 

At the end of an enjoyable and informative segment, O’Keefe conceded to the surprise of the CTM crew that impeachment only come up “unless you ask,” leading co-host Anthony Mason to suggest that, for Democrats, impeachment is “not a winning issue, it doesn’t look like.”

O’Keefe appeared back live in studio after his piece (which ended in Bakersfield and dinner with Republican voters) and stated that he did ask “about the impeachment saga and almost to a person, Republicans, independents, and Democrats told us they're not sure where it's headed, but were more interested in other issues that impact their everyday lives.”


Hey, this is what happens when one party is disgustingly outside of the mainstream, along with their liberal media allies, and very regional. The Northeast and California are not America. There is a world beyond D.C., LA, and New York City. Liberals, you are not the majority. You never will be. So, congratulations, you left-wing dolts. You have Medicare for All, health care for illegal aliens, bashing Immigration and Customs Enforcement, smearing police officers, decriminalizing border crossings, and now impeachment—all of which are unpopular. Some, like Medicare for All and health care for illegals, is immensely unpopular. Clap. It. Up. you just wasted two years of the House Democratic majority…for nothing. Well, you did help the Trump campaign craft part of their 2020 re-elect narrative. 

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