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(AP Photo/Richard Drew

Okay—so now that Hillary is smearing her supposed rivals from the 2016 cycle. She called Jill Stein and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Russian agents without evidence. Stein is blamed by some in the Clinton camp for siphoning off votes in key states. Gabbard endorsed Bernie Sanders. So, what does she have on CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin? I’m kidding, but since we’re playing this game, I’d thought I toss this in there because Toobin apologized for talking about her emails too much, adding that it likely cost her the 2016 election (via Free Beacon):

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin apologized Monday for spending too much time discussing Hillary Clinton's private email scandal in 2016, saying she "very likely lost the election because of it."

In a clip flagged by Mediaite, Toobin said the scandal "is also a story about the news media, about how much time we spent on that, and that's something that I have felt a great deal of personal responsibility for." He added that "Because I talked about the e-mails here at CNN, I wrote about it in the New Yorker, and I think I paid too much attention to them, and I regret that."

"I hope a lesson is learned," Toobin said. "I mean, this story turns out to be … a big nothing, and we spent months on it. Hillary Clinton very likely lost the election because of it, and I think I should have been talking about other issues, not about the e-mails."

No, Jeff, don’t apologize. It was a story. The 2016 Democratic nominee might have mishandled classified information. That’s a huge problem. It’s a big enough issue for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to look into it. Why did Lady MacBeth ask a staffer to remove classified markings? Why did she have an unsecured and unauthorized homebrew server in the first place? She wanted to keep certain things out of the public record. Get over yourself. And Hillary didn’t exactly downplay the suspicions either. Story after story in which she tried to explain this arrangement got nuked. She said it was allowed and that the State Department signed off on it. Well, then the State Department inspector general said that Hillary not only didn’t ask for permission but if she had—she would have been rejected outright. Her character numbers (i.e. trustworthiness, likability) were already going south when this story was reported on—and that just made it worse. 

Then, the now-two-time presidential loser decided to nix all press conferences. It rehashed all of the criticisms lobbed Bill and Hillary from the 1990s: a separate set of rules, being secretive, and thinking the rules don’t apply. All three are avenues for throwback stories, coupled with the classified information angle. Maybe Hillary could have neutralized it a lot earlier if she had been honest. But she didn’t. She also didn’t have a clear economic agenda, opting to use some old B-roll tape of Trump engaging in locker room talk from an Access Hollywood appearance back in the mid-2000s. No one cared. Trump spoke about jobs, wealth creation, and offered something new. Hillary didn’t do any of that, hoping character issues would cannibalize Trump. She didn’t check her flank. Everyone thought she was worse. 

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