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Of Course, This Democratic Senator Is Changing The Story About His Meeting With Ukrainian President Zelensky

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) is now singing like a bird about his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. President Zelensky was reportedly the victim of a violent shakedown by President Trump, who threatened to withhold military aid unless he opened a corruption investigation into Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president. This all happened over a phone call in July. The allegations of quid pro quo went flying—all of this from an anonymous whistleblower complaint. The person is reportedly a CIA agent and he did not listen in on this conversation. It’s all second or third-hand accounts, which is why it’s loaded with errors. This was it for House Democrats. They couldn’t get Trump on collusion, so they’re trotting this out. It’s just as shoddy as the Russian collusion myth. 


The Trump White House released the transcript of the call and it showed there was no quid pro quo. In fact, it’s one of the most vanilla things from this administration, but the House Democrats decided to get on the impeachment train before even reading the complaint that was declassified and released yesterday morning. 

Murphy met with Zelensky in early September. Now, aid was withheld and Trump said he did it in the hopes of trying to get other nations to contribute more first, which isn’t out of character for this administration. They got European nations to contribute more to NATO, which has strengthened the alliance. Yet, the Democratic senator now says that Zelensky felt pressured by this White House to open a corruption probe against Hunter Biden. Well, The Washington Free Beacon got audio copy about that meeting and Murphy didn’t make any mention of the allegation that set off the impeachment circus on the Hill. That is until he decided to hold storytime after the whistleblower complaint was made public (via Free Beacon):

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.), who traveled to Ukraine in early September, told reporters this week that he had heard "directly" from Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky that Zelensky felt pressured by Trump to investigate Hunter Biden's involvement with Ukrainian gas giant Burisma. But according to a tape of a briefing Murphy gave two weeks ago about his meeting with Zelensky, Murphy made no mention at all of such an allegation.

It was only 13 days after his initial briefing that Murphy emerged to say Zelensky had expressed concerns to him that the Trump administration was withholding U.S. aid to compel an investigation.

Murphy, who traveled to Ukraine and other European nations in early September with Sen. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), has given inconsistent characterizations of his Sept. 5 meeting with Zelensky over the past two weeks, as Trump's conversations with Zelensky have drawn national and international attention. If, as Murphy says, Zelensky expressed grave concern over the administration’s actions, the Connecticut senator appears to have kept mum about it for over two weeks.

Murphy initially told news reporters in a Sept. 11 briefing that the Ukrainian president was "flummoxed" by the administration’s suspension of aid and wanted to reach a resolution to keep it flowing. Neither Zelensky nor any other official he spoke with brought up political requests from the Trump administration, he said, adding that they "didn't talk in depth" about the issue.


The senator said Monday that the "entire new Ukrainian administration" including Zelensky told him they believed the United States withheld aid due to his "unwillingness to investigate the Bidens."

"Once I got on the ground there, I heard about how confused the entire new Ukrainian administration was about the nature of these demands they were getting from the Trump administration to conduct this political investigation, and that they worry that the aid that was being cut off to Ukraine by the president was a consequence for their unwillingness, at the time, to investigate the Bidens," Murphy said, adding that the concern was relayed to him "from the president directly."

Murphy did not, however, relay any of this information to reporters in the Sept. 11 briefing, where he stressed the limited nature of his conversation with Zelensky on the issue.

Contrary to his claim Monday that Zelensky felt the administration was withholding U.S. aid because of his unwillingness to investigate Hunter Biden, Murphy said Sept. 11 that Zelensky said he "didn't have a clear sense of why aid was being withheld."


I mean this isn’t the first time Democrats were caught making stuff up. During the House Intelligence Committee hearing with acting Director of National Intelligence John Maguire, chair Adam Schiff, Democrat from the People’s Republic of California, straight-up rewrote and quoted sections of the phone call transcript that don’t exist for added dramatic effect. He said it was a parody later. Yeah, that’s how these clowns are treating this whole fiasco and you’re telling me they’re the ones who care about the rule of law and the integrity of our institutions.

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