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AP Photo/Michael Sohn

Okay, the day is coming. The Department of Justice Inspector General’s office is done with its investigation into alleged Obama-era FISA abuses that occurred in 2016. This is the holy grail of the Trump-Russia collusion myth. This is the whole ball of wax. 


The entire circus started based off of the Trump dossier that was compiled by ex-MI6 spy Christopher Steele. It was a project funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democrats who contracted the research firm Fusion GPS, who later hired Steele to find dirt on Trump. This document, which is mostly unverified, was cited as credible evidence in securing a spy warrant against Carter Page, Trump’s then-foreign policy adviser to his campaign. This document also started the FBI’s counterintelligence probe that eventually was taken over by special counsel Robert Mueller. From the looks of it, there appears to have been zero attempts to verify the dossier. Even some in British intelligence were skeptical of its contents. Simple Google searches could have pointed out the very explicit errors in the document, which has some crying foul over the FBI’s demeanor in this matter, along with allegations that the dossier itself is part of a larger disinformation campaign executed by the Kremlin. Given how the Left is idiotic when it comes to this issue, I wouldn’t be shocked.

Fired Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe was asked about the dossier when he was brought before Congress. He stonewalled. He also leaked information to the press and later lied about his actions regarding an internal probe into those unauthorized disclosures, but that’s a whole other matter. The man is a snake, who is now a CNN contributor. You just cannot make this up. 


When McCabe was on with host John Berman, he took a swipe at Michael Horowitz, the DOJ IG, an Obama appointee, in what appears to be a not so subtle suggestion that Horowitz should be removed. Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller noted that Berman did not push back, which may be some insight into how the anti-Trump network will cover the report once it’s released to the public. Ross made a note of that on social media as well. McCabe made these remarks while discussing another complaint against Trump that’s being looked into by the intelligence community’s inspector general. In short, when you remove all the liberal media’s nonsense, the issue here appears to be that Trump spoke…to a foreign leader. Whoa! Whoa! Stop traffic, everyone (via Daily Caller):

Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe suggested Thursday that Michael Horowitz should be replaced as Justice Department inspector general, with no pushback from CNN host John Berman.


McCabe, who former Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired on March 16, 2018 and is under Justice Department investigation, said he supports the inspector general process, but made it clear he has problems with Horowitz.

“It is essential that every element of the executive branch, each one of the agencies has a fair and competent and independent inspector general. And this situation really shines a light on that requirement,” McCabe said of the ICIG situation.

He jabbed at Horowitz, an Obama appointee, saying: “I hope that the Department of Justice gets that sort of inspector general some time soon.”


Yeah, this is why his hiring was unethical. I mean this is just absurd. McCabe is angry over his firing. And he obviously cannot hold his tongue when it comes to the person who investigated his lying antics and subsequently torched him an IG report on his actions. Horowitz was doing his job. McCabe arguably was acting to save his own reputation, along with trying to facilitate matters to hurt the Trump presidency. There are so many conflicts of interest here—and yet CNN does and says nothing because deep down, the network probably agrees with McCabe in his anti-Trump pursuits. Do yourselves all a favor. When it comes to news, watch Fox News.

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