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With Trump Donors Now Being Harassed, Should We Remind Joaquin Castro Of the Anti-Bullying Law He Once Praised?

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) and his loser twin brother Julian, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, are unapologetic over the former posting a list that pretty much targets Trump donors. Rep. Castro posted a list of those who have given the maximum to the Trump campaign because, apparently, he thinks that freedom of association and free speech are problematic…unless you support the Democrats. It’s not doxxing per se, but it does invite harassment. It narrows the search for the left-wing lynch mobs, which even MSNBC couldn’t defend. And yes, the campaign of personal destruction is already begun against some of the donors listed. Our friends at Twitchy wrote about it


 When Joaquin Castro outed a group of Trump donors on Twitter as a means to shame, intimidate, and yes target them, the Left and the media (same difference) made every excuse in the book for why it was ok.

‘It’s public information anyway!’

‘Why are they ashamed of donating?!’

‘They support white supremacy, they deserve to be outed!’

In other words, it was the donor’s fault that Castro doxxed them.

Listen to this (note, you will want earbuds/headphones on if you listen to this in public):

Castro said he doesn’t think that the people he outed should be harassed, but that’s what’s going to happen which I’m sure he knows but doesn’t care. Either way, both of these guys are too stupid to be president. What’s rich about this whole incident is that Joaquin once praised an anti-bullying law, which he said would “help prevent harassment and save lives” (via RedState):


David’s Law, which was passed in response to the efforts of a mother who lost her young son to suicide after he was cyberbullied, went into effect in September 2017. Read more about what the law does here.

Earlier this week, it was discovered that several of the donors on Castro’s list once contributed to the past political campaigns of both the Castro brothers, leading some to speculate that Castro published the names of Trump donors with revenge motivations in mind.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX-2) slammed Castro in a Fox News Radio interview done with Townhall‘s Guy Benson on Thursday, saying “this is fascism.” Crenshaw also suggested that a Congressional censure be on the table for consideration.

Again, we’re dealing with a bunch of idiots, but that doesn’t mean they can’t potentially cause physical harm to those who are on this Trump donor hit list the Castro crew amplified. And yes, as we have mentioned as well—some of these folks have given to Democrats, even to Castro. That’s the beauty of this country; we can support whomever we want. In Castro’s world, it’s Democrats and only Democrats…or they’ll blast your name out, the ultimate invitation to left-wing goons to harass these people. The Left will make you care. And they’re getting more violent with their methods on this front.



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