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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Guess what happened today, folks. I woke up and found out that President Trump didn’t take over the country via a military coup. I was astonished because everyone was telling me that this was a prelude to a coup. Anyone with a scintilla of cognitive function knows this was straight trash, but the media has their marching orders from the Democratic Party: ‘Orange man…bad.’ There could have been zero tanks; the media still would’ve criticized Trump. Why? Because he’s president and that loser Hillary Clinton is not. She will never be president. They still have yet to get that through their heads. So, while the media slammed the display of tanks as akin to banana republics and warned about how this all reeked of fascism, normal people celebrated our nation’s birthday. The weather might not have been the best, but this is a great day for families across the country. It’s a day that’s also marked by cookouts, fireworks, and being with those you love. For liberal America, it’s a day to remind us how the country sucks and if you don’t agree with them—you’re a racist. Again, it needs to be said, the Left hates America. They always have—and they always will. Frankly, I would deport them along with all the illegals we’ve detained, but alas, I’m not a king. 


So, to cap off this review of the media’s idiocy, let’s go down memory lane where various outlets suggested the presence of tanks was sinister in nature because we’ve never used tanks at parades, inaugurations, or…oh wait; we have. Our friends at Newsbusters had a field day with this nonsense. It appeared this was the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot of media bias days for this crew. Oh, yeah and the president’s speech was not that bad. The blood loss from the media getting punched in the face by their own stupidity must be reaching critical levels. I mean we’re speaking about drooling vegetables at this point, folks (via Newsbusters):

The media hastily have distanced themselves from their projections of street brawls and naked partisanship at the Salute to America event following a largely patriotic, unobjectionable July 4 speech by President Trump.


The common line across broadcast and cable news alike was that President Trump would give something akin to a campaign rally speech. “You will hear criticism of his critics; you will hear a celebration of self in terms of how he sees his accomplishments,” declared New York Times White House correspondent and CNN analyst Maggie Haberman during July 3's New Day.

Later that day on ABC’s World News Tonight, correspondent Stephanie Ramos touted the possibility that Trump was “turning a traditionally non-partisan event into a Trump-focused campaign-style rally.” Meanwhile, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell referred to the event as “Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Washington, paid for by the American taxpayer.”

News personalities also worried that the military parade had totalitarian undertones, taking the opportunity to compare the President to various authoritarian dictators for the ten millionth time.


Perhaps the most absurd concerns about the event were voiced by Esquire writer Charlie Pierce, who appeared to worry that tanks would be falling into the Potomac. “The speech is gonna be dreadful, and there’s all kinds of catastrophes.


Of course, none of that happened. But let’s go to another point of criticism, equally stupid, which was that it made the military…look good:

Appearing on Friday’s CBS This Morning to analyze President Trump’s July 4th address, Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan thought it was “unusual” that the event was actually “unifying.” She also complained that Trump “overemphasized America’s military might” throughout the speech.   

“And, Margaret, the Fourth of July speech that President Trump gave at that rally, is it more like a Trump rally?,” asked puzzled fill-in co-host Jericka Duncan. She noted: “I mean, he had a lot of ties in there with unity, equality, special tributes obviously to the military.” Brennan agreed that it was “kind of unusual” to hear Trump say things like, “America is one people chasing one dream. We’re all made by the same almighty god,” and use other “unifying phrases.”

And what would an anti-Trump media meltdown be without MSNBC’s Chris Hayes calling the president a “mad king”:


MSNBC’s Chris Hayes took it upon himself to rain on the parade. Joined by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich, and former Congressman David Jolly, the All In host began: “David, we've got tanks positioned outside the Lincoln Memorial for $100 million essentially Trump campaign rally for his top donors while he's contradicting his own DOJ and wants to run roughshod over the Supreme Court. Like, as we are celebrating the Declaration of Independence, there is a little bit of a mad king feel to where we are right now.”


The former Clinton administration cabinet official then added in some wishful thinking: “I think he is laying a predicate for impeachment, actually.”

Hayes happily agreed and proceeded to explain why he felt victimized by the Fourth of July celebrations:

“Like, I think the reason people are upset about the tanks in the streets and the President throwing himself some big military parade, is that it does feel an anathema to our American democratic culture. It is not the way that we celebrate American constitutional democracy.”


Well, it happened. You’re still alive. You’re not victimized, so shut up. All of these clowns should just shut up. We won and you lost. Get over it. And we’ll probably win again. We’ve had military parades before. This isn’t an alien concept. Only the most pathetic of anti-Trumpers and liberals would take this insane take on the Fourth of July. Yet, as annoying as all these commentaries are, it just makes the case that Trump should wheel in more tanks next year. Screw these people and their feelings. After all, if you attended Trump’s event, you’re a racist…because that’s easier to do than think about why Trump won (via Salon):

Trump's attempt at spectacle was positively dreadful. But as he has been in the past, he was saved by the zeal of his followers, who, despite the rain and their obvious boredom, white-knuckled their way through Trump's droning speech. (Booze helps.) For the MAGAheads, this wasn't about fun or celebration. If they wanted that, they would have gone to see Carole King perform at the nonpartisan Fourth of July celebration at the U.S. Capitol. Instead, the crowd seemed driven by a grim sense of determination.

It turns out that Trump's base isn't in this because they're bamboozled by fascist theatrics or swept up in Trump's gaudy, cheap version of glamour. What this has always been about for the Trumpers is making a stand for white supremacy and male domination. While they may indeed long for some cheesy bombast, they will continue to stand there on a drizzly evening, even when all the glitz is stripped away and their reality TV leader is looking lame behind a wet barricade.

This is important: What drives the Trump base isn't actually Donald Trump himself. It's the bigotry. Everything else is gravy.


And once again, this is why Trump won.

Since that’s the Left’s default view about all of us who support for this president, that being we’re all racists, the discussion is over. The debate is over. They think we’re trash. We need to dish it back two-fold and more viciously. The days of getting along with liberals are over. It’s time to fix bayonets because they’re coming for us. This will be a nasty election and only Trump has the wherewithal to mount it. We’ve been too nice, fellow Republicans. It’s time to channel our inner-William Tecumseh Sherman and make liberal American howl.  


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