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AP Photo/Eric Gay

The border crisis that some in the Democratic Party still think is a manufactured crisis has claimed another casualty. The acting Customs and Border Protection chief, John Sanders, is said to be tendering his resignation. This comes after deplorable conditions were reported at various detention centers along the southern border. There is reportedly a shortage of soap, food, diapers, and other basic needs for the families being detained for trying to illegally enter the country. At the same time, we don’t know if this was the reason for Sanders’ departure (via NYT):


The Customs and Border Protection agency’s acting commissioner, John Sanders, is expected to step down in the coming weeks as the government’s primary border enforcement executive, a federal official said Tuesday, a development that comes as the agency faces continuing public fury over the treatment of detained migrant children.

The news of the resignation came shortly after agency officials disclosed that more than 100 children have been returned to a troubled Border Patrol station in Clint, Tex., a location where a group of lawyers who visited recently said hundreds of minor detainees had been housed for weeks without access to showers, clean clothing, or sufficient food.

Mr. Sanders has led the agency since President Trump tapped the former Customs and Border Protection commissioner, Kevin McAleenan, to replace Kirstjen Nielsen as homeland security secretary. Mr. Sanders specialized in developing technology for national security initiatives and previously served as the chief technology officer for the Transportation Security Administration.

The official who confirmed his resignation, who requested anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter, said it was not clear whether the impending resignation was connected to recent criticism over the agency’s management of a large influx of migrant families along the border.


Again, this is not the fault of the Trump administration, its policies, or the people who work day after day to enforce our immigration laws. It’s the Democrats who are preventing the funds needed to deal with this crisis because their base won’t tolerate such cooperation with a White House they view as Hitler-esque. The recent line of attack is that we have the equivalent of Nazi concentration camps on the border. Department of Homeland Security has said for weeks that they were running out of money to deal with the deluge of migrants apprehended at the border. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is part of the DHS, so Democrats voting to give the agency more funds would be viewed as funding ICE as well. That’s not possible with some far left members of the Democratic caucus. So, alas, this is the debate among House Democrats, along with them just salivating to use the plight of migrant children this as ammunition against Republicans. It’s funny. This crisis was supposed to be manufactured and yet, that narrative was evaporated into the ether as Democrats got slapped with reality. Also, doesn’t anyone remember when Obama gave that stern warning to Central Americans concerning them sending their children here unaccompanied? Don't come here. They'll get sent back, along with other concerns, but you can bet that this administration will be geared towards enforcing the law. And that's pretty clear when you get caught coming here illegally. 



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