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AP Photo/Matt Dunham

Okay, okay, maybe I was a bit too harsh by calling the anti-Trump British protestors eurotrash because we have one woman who deserves a medal for what she did—and she captured it all. We all know the UK isn’t happy that President Trump is in Britain.  London Mayor Sadiq Khan didn’t want the “red carpet” to be rolled out, despite state visits being offered to leaders who were actually dictators in times past. Nevertheless, the protests have marked the president’s visit, which was expected (via AP):


Thousands of protesters greeted President Donald Trump’s U.K. visit with anger and British irony Tuesday, crowding London’s government district while the U.S. leader met Prime Minister Theresa May nearby.

Feminists, environmentalists, peace activists, trade unionists and others demonstrated against the lavish royal welcome being given to a president they see as a danger to the world, chanting “Say it loud, say it clear, Donald Trump’s not welcome here.”

“I’m very cross he’s here,” said guitar teacher Katie Greene, carrying a home-made sign reading “keep your grabby hands off our national treasures” under a picture of one of Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis.  


“It’s 16 feet high, so it’s as large as his ego,” said Don Lessem from Philadelphia, who built the statue from foam over an iron frame and had it shipped by boat across the Atlantic.

Lessem, a dinosaur expert who makes models of prehistoric creatures, said “I’m interested in things that are big, not very intelligent and have lost their place in history.”

“I wanted people here to know that people in America do not support Trump in the majority . and [sic] humor is my weapon,” he said.

Well, that’s funny because Hillary Clinton didn’t win the popular vote either, clinching 48 percent. That’s not 50+1 is it? And that part about some Philly liberal yucking it up with anti-Trumpers overseas appears to be indicative of the protests. Most of the participants outside Buckingham Palace are tourists, according to BBC1:


The number of protesters and supporters of President Trump haven’t been enormous outside Buckingham Palace. It has been mainly tourists standing about one deep. A few boos a few claps to welcome him,” BBC 1 special correspondent Lucy Manning reported on Monday.

Granted, its one location, but who cares—we’ve known for years that liberals hate Trump. In Europe, a socialist cesspool, it’s probably magnified twenty-fold. Still, there are some heroes out there. One woman popped the ‘baby Trump’ protest balloon. She recorded it, puncturing the balloon as lefties cried out. 

“That’s a disgrace. It’s a national disgrace. The president of the United States is the best president ever,” she shouted. She injured herself in the process and was apprehended by police shortly after deflating the obnoxious balloon. This woman is today’s hero. 

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