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On McConnell's Legacy

Trump-Russia Hysteria: This Circus Is Over…And This Reporter Had A Very Sober Take On Mueller’s Upcoming Statement

AP Photo/Cliff Owen


As Katie noted, at 11 a.m., Special Counsel Robert Mueller will deliver a statement on his investigation into Russian collusion. It will be delivered at the Justice Department. No questions will be taken. This was not a blitz; the White House knew in advance.


Frankly, I’m going to make a wager that this is going to be another nothingburger. The report is public, folks. We know there was no collusion. It’s quite definitive on that front. It has the blessing of the Department of Justice as well. Sorry, liberal media, there’s nothing new that’s going to be unveiled here. We’ve seen this movie before. We’re re-watching it as we speak. There’s a lot of hubbub over something related to the 2016 and Russia, and then a wet noodle of a story at the end of it. It also usually ends with the liberal media being mocked for peddling a pure myth. The Trump-Russia collusion narrative is, after all, pure myth. 

As we approach the time of Mueller’s remarks, Politico’s Tim Alberta had a rather sobering take on everyone perking up over this announcement. 


“If Mueller had a bomb to drop, he’d go on 60 Minutes,” he said.

Others noted that it’s quite possible Mueller just says he’s worked on this for 18 months, gives another summary that isn’t new about the investigation, and leaves. 

To show how unserious this whole circus has become, we have reporters even making little jokes about this whole announcement, saying that Mueller will probably give his take on the final season of Game of Thrones. Now, that would be highly entertaining, maybe as much as the liberal media and the Democrats peddling a straight trash myth about Russian collusion, only to have their main guy—Mueller—blow up their spot.


UPDATE: Well, it was mostly unremarkable presser, except for that fact that Mueller all but gave an impeachment referral to Congress. Is it a bombshell? No. We all know Democrats want Trump gone, that impeachment has always been on the table even before the 2018 midterms, and that every so-called oversight hearing by Democrats from Nadler and company are really de facto impeachment proceedings. So, we got a new wave of Russia collusion hysteria coming. 

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