She Thought She Struck A Blow Against The Patriarchy...And Then Reality Slapped Her In The Face

Posted: May 16, 2019 2:10 PM

We all know the Left is unhinged. When it comes to abortion, it’s jacked up to steroid levels. It’s only going to be exacerbated with the recent anti-abortion bills passed in Georgia and Alabama. The debates will and have been intense. They always are, but we’ve seen a recent spate of violence from the progressive Left on this issue. Pro-lifers have been assaulted and harassed for their advocacy. On the latter example, PA State Rep Brian Sims, a Democrat, decided to show that he was a big tough guy in support of killing babies by…badgering an old woman and threatening to dox teenagers for protesting a local Planned Parenthood facility. These people are trash; they’re liberals after all. 

In North Carolina, one pro-choice supporter took a pro-life sign. She thought she had won a victory against the patriarchy. And then she got towel slapped with reality. What she did was a crime. It’s called larceny and the police arrested her for it. Brandon Morse at RedState wrote about this epic tale of karma. Oh, and the woman was triggered that the police were “protecting” those who…want to stop babies being killed. The offices in the video is calm, collected, and aptly notes that this woman and those who hold similar pro-abortion views, could—you know—just ignore the pro-lifers. She couldn’t, a telling sign of liberalism’s inherent intolerance. Sorry, lady—you lost. And the law states that everyone has the right to protest. First Amendment rights are not just for liberals. Sorry, but that’s not the case:

 During a pro-life demonstration at the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill by the group Created Equal, a woman approached the pro-life group and after a few words, stole their sign. The woman then made her way to the side of a building where she attempted to throw it off, but was stopped before she could by the sign’s owner, Austin Beigel.

As this was happening, however, one of the pro-life crowd signaled a nearby police officer who witnessed most of what happened.“Did you steal their sign?” asked the officer.

“I just moved it,” said the feminist.


After spouting feminist propaganda about pro-lifers and complaining about having to see them on campus, the officer informed her that she needed to take her backpack off as she was being arrested for larceny. The tears began to flow as she tried to explain that she had every intent to give the sign back to the pro-lifers.

“Do we need to make this difficult and cause a scene?” asked the officer.

The feminist finally complied and she was led away.

How dare pro-lifers…exercise their constitutional rights? How dare they? This woman could have just ignored these activists and gone about her day. Instead, her intolerance drove her to break the law. It was a sign lady. And yes, there are millions of pro-lifers in this country and they vote.