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AP Photo/Eric Gay

It’s done. It’s over. After 675 days, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has submitted his report. The liberal media took a deep breath—and then had their whole world burned to ash when it was revealed that Trump, his campaign, and the Kremlin did not collude during the 2016 election. There was not enough evidence for Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to pursue any further legal action into obstruction of justice and no new charges were recommended in the report. The meltdown was epic. It’s been one of the best media days since Trump won the 2016 election. Half the country knew this was a witch-hunt, a wild goose chase. But then there are the Acela Corridor morons who thought Mueller would unearth a smoking gun. For over two years, there was zero evidence to support the allegation that there was Trump-Russia collusion. Evidence to back up such an allegation would’ve leaked. Sorry, liberals, if you believed this nonsense, you got suckered by the idiot brigade.


In the meantime, this probe has damaged George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, Michael Caputo, Roger Stone, and Michael Flynn. Page worst of all, being the subject of a FISA spy warrant that was reportedly obtained through the shoddy and now totally debunked Trump dossier that was compiled by ex-MI6 spook Christopher Steele, whose activities were funded by the Democrats and the Clinton campaign. It was an opposition research document, littered with Kremlin sources, and was the subject of intrigue, given that it could have been the insurance policy Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Andrew McCabe discussed during the election. Of course, the policy was all centered on preventing Trump from becoming president.

For background, Page and Strzok were having an affair. They exchanged tens of thousands of anti-Trump texts throughout the election. Strzok was a top counterintelligence agent who was involved in the Hillary email investigation and signed off on the collusion probe that was eventually taken over by Mueller. Mueller dropped Strzok from the investigation once these texts were discovered, where he was reassigned to human resources. He was eventually fired over the texts. McCabe, then-Deputy Director of the FBI, got fired. Page resigned, though she said that a) those anti-Trump texts meant exactly what they meant; Strzok tried to suggest his bias in these texts showed his patriotism; and b) noted that a kill order was handed down from the Obama DOJ to the FBI, instructing them not to charge Clinton with mishandling classified information regarding her unauthorized email server. 


This dossier was largely unverified. Now, it’s straight trash, but Senate Republicans will investigate the process surrounding whether it was used to secure a FISA warrant. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) now says hearings will be held over whether FISA was abused. That means Susan Rice, Obama, and Samantha Power will be hauled or should be hauled, back before Congress, along with James Comey and Loretta Lynch. 

In the meantime, enjoy former CIA Director John Brennan totally eating crow over his prediction that the Mueller report will contain new indictments, along with an epic mashup concerning all the times the liberal media said Trump was finished. He’s not, folks. He won.

Over at The Washington Examiner, Byron York noted the five things the media establishment said would happen with this investigation, but never did:

1. Mueller did not indict Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, or other people whose purported legal jeopardy was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

2. Mueller did not charge anyone in the Trump campaign or circle with conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

3. Mueller did not subpoena the president, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

4. The president did not fire Mueller, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

5. The president did not interfere with the Mueller investigation, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year. In his letter to Congress, Barr noted the requirement that he notify lawmakers if top Justice Department officials ever interfered with the Mueller investigation. "There were no such instances," Barr wrote.


Eat crow, liberals! You’re wrong. You suck.

We win again. You lose again. That means today was a great day. When the liberal media loses, the country wins. It was a lovely day, but we’ll be back tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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