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P Photo/Elaine Thompson

Wow. Where to begin on this one? We all know the MSNBC’s sole purpose in life is to ensure the out-of-touch liberal that they’re okay; that their garbage opinions are mainstream. It’s meant to keep liberal blood pressures at healthy levels. So, in the wake of the horrific shootings in New Zealand that targeted Muslims, the AR-15 is once again coming under fire from anti-gunners. That’s what the shooter used to murder some 50 Muslims reportedly at separate mosques in the city of Christchurch.


Host Joe Scarborough said he’s a Second Amendment supporter and a gun owner but supports banning so-called weapons of war. That’s an anti-gun Left talking point. It’s replaced the previous made up term "assault weapon," which has lost its punch due to conservatives rightfully mocking and shredding it as a meaningless politically charged phrase aimed at masking the Left’s ignorance of firearms and instilling fear in voters. In other words, “assault weapon” is liberal code for ‘a gun that looks scary, but we can’t say that because we would look like pansies to the electorate’—too late. Sorry, when you use the Left’s language, you’re out. You’re pretty much saying you’re for the Second Amendment, except that you’re not. A ‘weapon of war’ is an equally idiotic term. To make his argument even more laughable, Scarborough tried to say that the AR-15 is “more lethal” than the M-14, the service rifle that briefly replaced the M-1 Garand, and the M-16. The M-14 didn’t last long in service, but just looking at the calibers these weapons fire is enough to debunk this insane claim. 


On a side note, the M-14 fires a .308 Winchester, which is much more powerful than the .223/5.56 round that the AR-15 fires. Also, the M-14 and M-16 have an automatic fire setting; the AR-15 can only fire semi-automatic. The AR-15 is certainly lighter, but the selective firing aspect certainly cuts down on Scarborough's claim that the AR-15 is more lethal. Julio Rosas, a U.S. Marine, detailed the differences on Mediaite. Yet, The Washington Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski was the person who really torched Scarborough in a lengthy Twitter thread, dissecting every point the MSNBC host made. 


Yeah, this is why Gutowski is one of the best on this beat. This is a thorough drumming of the anti-AR-15 talking point here. 

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