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AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

It could’ve been another bad day for the Trump White House. There was a deal floating around concerning judicial nominations to the Ninth Circuit, one of the most liberal in the country. One Trump pick, one liberal pick, and a moderate consensus pick. No. Bad deal. The judiciary is one of the few areas where the Trump White House can run the table without House Democrats gumming up the works. Conservatives were worried this could become official. Instead, Trump didn’t cave. He nominated his own picks for the Ninth Circuit. If the president did bend to the will of Sens. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Kamala Harris (D-CA) who floated the idea, then it would’ve been another defeat for his administration. I’m sure he knew that. So, we dodged a bullet.


While Trump continues to reshape the courts, the border crisis persists. Now, we have another three caravans, with one that’s reportedly at least 12,000 people, making their way to the U.S. southern border. The Washington Post and The New York Times have already reported that this is a border crisis. The people on the ground know there’s a border crisis. And yet, the Democratic Party, whose past leader Barack Obama, said there was a border crisis, insists on saying…there's no border crisis.

While the Trump administration handles immigration, the courts, and a new spending bill to avoid another government shutdown on February 15, Democrats at the state-level have been pushing abortion extremism. In New York, late-term abortion is permitted almost until the point of birth. A similar heinous bill was proposed in the Virginia state legislature but rejected since the GOP controls the House of Delegates…for now. Republicans have a slim two-seat majority there, and the state legislature could flip this November. Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam stepped in it further by pretty much saying the bill would be legalized infanticide. Everyone is doing damage control for this rake-stepping moment. The era of Trump has brought some good things for the country, regarding economic growth, job creation, and larger paychecks for workers. But at the same time, Trump Derangement Syndrome has led to the Left pushing an insane platform of policy initiatives that are pro-high taxes, pro-illegal immigration, and pro-abortion. You’d think this is a joke. It’s not. The far left has become unglued.


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