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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Both parties exaggerate things to a certain degree. It’s all part of winning elections, but the Left has taken it to a new degree. Ever since they lost the 2016 election, they’ve been on apocalypse watch. Every thing Trump does is chiseling away at our institutional integrity, ignoring the deep state actors who leak and obstruct his administration’s initiatives behind the scenes. Oh, and the Russians are now public enemy number one, where a mere six years ago, you were mocked for suggesting as much. Facebook is being slammed in the media for being accomplices in the interference campaign by Russia, which wasn’t all that extensive, effective, or persuasive, who spent a low six-figures on the campaign. If you think $100,000 can destroy what Madison and the Founding Fathers built over the past two centuries, then you’re not a serious person. C’mon, folks. This is just a long sour grapes episode. You lost in 2016. All the polls, all the experts, and virtually every media outlet had Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide, and then you all got punched in the mouth. The liberal intelligentsia got it flat wrong, and as a result, the American government is on life support because Trump won or something. Former Secretary of State and presidential loser John Kerry says that the nation cannot survive another four years of Trump (via NTK Network):


Former Secretary of State and failed Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry said that “our democracy might not be able to survive four more years of Donald Trump” in a fundraising email to supporters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Wednesday.

“I’m worried about the state of our democracy under Donald Trump,” Kerry wrote. “This president’s complete disregard for diplomacy has embarrassed our nation on the world stage and he’s weakened the very foundation of our democracy.”

Kerry then accused Trump of dividing Americans at home and isolating America from the rest of the world.

Once again, take a drink, relax, and calm down, Democrats. You just lost an election. You will survive. I know some conservative felt that way when Obama was re-elected. It was the death of the country. And yes, I sometimes jokingly say that anytime the Democrats win, but the government won’t collapse. It won’t collapse if Trump wins again in 2020. Now, if Democrats do win, they will push trash economic policies, but guess what—we can always wipe it all away. We just have to win the next election. But we all know this isn’t going to happen. The legions of the Left are seething with rage at Trump. So, these hyperbolic remarks are bound to continue. 


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