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Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick has opted not to run. Anti-Trump lawyer Michael Avenatti has decided not to run in 2020 either. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is considering it. She looks to join one of the wackiest presidential fields in recent memory. The 2020 Democratic field is going to be a freak show—and a large one at that. Yet, there is one publication that is urging her to follow Avenatti and Patrick’s lead as well. The Boston Globe is suggesting that the fake Native American bow out (via Free Beacon):


"Running for president is hard," wrote the paper's editorial board. "Deciding not to run? That can be even harder."

The Globe‘s board, which in 2015 argued that "Democrats need Elizabeth Warren’s voice in 2016 presidential race," does not explicitly say Warren shouldn't run, but it does lay out the case for why it would be an ill-advised decision.

"Warren missed her moment in 2016, and there’s reason to be skeptical of her prospective candidacy in 2020," it wrote. "While Warren won reelection, her margin of victory in November suggests there’s a ceiling on her popularity; Republican governor Charlie Baker garnered more votes than her in a state that is supposed to be a Democratic haven. Meanwhile, a September poll indicated that Massachusetts voters were more enthusiastic about Patrick making a White House bid than Warren."

I think the release of the DNA test by Warren was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everyone knew she was whiter than Wonder Bread and a fake Indian. Now, there's scientific proof; she’s 1/1024th Native American. If this is the threshold, then I’m Irish. She’s a fraud. Warren has had this issue around her neck since her 2012 race. 


So, besides being a fake American Indian, another reason for Warren to bow out is that no one knows who the hell she is, she’s far too left wing to be competitive in the Rust Belt regions of America, and she will be once again dragged through the mud for peddling a racial hoax. Whoever is the 2020 Democratic nominee, they need to be perfect. There can be no email fiascos, no deplorable moments, and no race-based kerfuffles. Warren culturally appropriated the Cherokee Nation. This has disaster written all over it, which is why I sort of hope Democrats are dumb enough to keep her around.

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