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Two-time presidential loser Hillary Clinton is back to having uncontrollable coughing fits again. The former first lady was with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for the first leg of their “Evening with the Clintons” tour in Toronto, Canada. At this event, Clinton returned to coughing all over the place, something that happened when she ran for president in 2016. The former secretary of state had to make a joke of it, saying her fits were due to her allergy to Donald Trump (via NTK Network):


Hillary Clinton was answering a question about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interference in foreign elections. At the conclusion of her answer, Clinton started coughing uncontrollably.

As Clinton was coughing, the moderator asked former President Bill Clinton about climate change.

While the moderator was asking the former president the question, Hillary Clinton was visibly still coughing.

Eventually, the CTV News livestream carrying the event focused its camera away from Hillary who was still coughing and on to Bill Clinton instead.

Is it cheap? Maybe. There is plenty of better material out there to take better jabs at Hillary, but anything that can be used to torch her again is fair game. It’s the return of old sick Hillary, who called half the country deplorable, didn’t campaign as aggressively in the Rust Belt, where Trump trounced her, and then wonder why she lost the race. Oh, and she was total trash on character issues, with many calling her untrustworthy and inauthentic. The more she stayed in the spotlight, the more unpopular she became; she remains unpopular. But losing the 2016 election was the fault of Russia, Obama, Biden, Sanders, the FBI, the media, James Comey, and the DNC. Yeah, this is why anything goes when it comes to attacking Hillary. She’s insufferable.  


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