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'Life Imitates Art': Watch Pelosi Fail To Cut Red Tape...Literally

The Republican National Committee is having some fun today with Nancy Pelosi. The California Democrat is confident that Democrats will retake the House, and is looking to reoccupying the speaker’s office. Yet, before she can redecorate the office and dream about wielding the gavel again, she still has other obligations, like the opening of a new affordable housing complex. In the video, Pelosi is unable to cut the red tape. As the RNC noted, it’s life imitating art (via Washington Examiner):


Back home in the San Francisco Bay area after doing some fundraising Thursday in Arizona for fellow Democrats, Pelosi appeared at an event to celebrate the opening of the Alice Griffith apartment community and a "commitment" to residents of public housing across the U.S.

Standing with local leaders and residents, Pelosi held the giant scissors with San Francisco Mayor London Breed and attempted to cut a red ribbon during a photo opportunity.

A countdown ensued, and only after a few cuts and some encouragement by the crowd gathered did they finally succeed in cutting the ribbon.

The Republican National Committee, sharing a clip of the ceremony on Twitter, took the opportunity to mock Pelosi. "Life imitates art as Democrat Nancy Pelosi struggles to cut red tape," the RNC Research account said.

We added 250,000 jobs in October. The economy is booming. We had 3.5 percent growth in the third quarter, and four percent growth in the second. Over three million new jobs have been created, U.S. salaries and worker pay have reached their highest levels in a decade, and consumer and small business confidence have reached 18-year highs. Oh, and the unemployment rate is at 3.7 percent. The better job creating and investing climate is all due to cutting regulations and the Trump tax cuts. Cutting taxes and regulations is not the Democratic way. No way is Pelosi going to cut red tape, which makes this fail so entertaining. Medicare for all is going to be lookedat should the Democrats win, tax increases will be pushed if the Democrats win, and the economy will tank if the Democrats win. Go vote, folks. And vote Republican. 


Oh, and this isn't Pelosi' first time having troubles with the props:


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