CNN Panel: Hillary Clinton Can't Have It Both Ways On Extreme Rhetoric

Posted: Oct 30, 2018 2:45 PM
CNN Panel: Hillary Clinton Can't Have It Both Ways On Extreme Rhetoric

Hillary Clinton keeps running her mouth and now even CNN, who we routinely bash (though some good people work there), is having enough of the hypocrisy. During a discussion with technology journalist Kara Swisher at Recode in New York City, the former first lady, and two-time presidential loser, was asked for her response to the “lock her up” chant that became a staple of many Trump rallies in 2016. Clinton said she was waiting to be able to say, “lock them up,” referring to President Trump and his administration. 

CNN’s Dana Bash was not having any of it, however (via NTK Network):

Can I just say something? To be fair, when we talk about rhetoric, I know she’s laughing, I know she’s smiling, but you can’t have it both ways,” Bash said. “You can’t as Democrats scream and yell about the president with this over-the-top rhetoric with lock her up,” Bash said. “You can’t then play at their level.”

Having it both ways…that’s the Democratic Party. What would they be if they didn’t have double standards? Yes, Bash slammed Clinton, but overall—these antics are given over by the elite news media that is disgustingly liberal. Hillary said that you couldn’t be civil with Republicans earlier this month. Then, after the recent string of bomb scares, in which she was a target, she says, “It's a time of deep divisions and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together.” 

So, as you can see, speaking out of both sides of her mouth remains a problem for Clinton, and one that hobbled her 2016 bid; no one believed her. She was viewed as old news, detached, and inauthentic. She was untrustworthy.

Yet, "screw civility" seems to be the new mantra. Gone are the days of Michelle Obama’s "when they go low, we go high" war cry. It’s become "do whatever it takes to win," brought forth to us by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). I’m not complaining about that in principle. It’s more of a warning to Republicans who think they’re dealing with honorable individuals in Democrats. You saw what they were willing to do to nix Brett Kavanaugh in the most recent and vicious Supreme Court fight. Be prepared…that’s all.  

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