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Alas, there it is, folks; we have another chapter in the saga of the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court battle. The judge has been fighting a vicious character assassination campaign executed by the Left. They’ve weaponized the Me Too movement. Three women with accusations of sexual misconduct have engulfed this process in chaos. All three have no corroborating witnesses, all three have zero evidence, and all three came forward at the 11thhour. The allegations are thin. One of the accusers is represented by Michael Avenatti, so you where the credibility for that allegation rests. Nevertheless, the Democrats cannot allow a conservative judge take a seat, where that bloc will have a 5-4 majority for the next generation—and there’s Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who definitely won’t be filing that seat in that span of time. It’s all about stopping the dominoes from falling. Even if Kavanaugh if confirmed, which has been placed in doubt thanks to Sen. Jeff Fake (R-AZ) delaying the final vote until an FBI investigation can be conducted, the Democrats will still investigate him, and make the case to impeach him should he be seated. 


You see, as we’ve written before, this was never just going to endwhen the Senate holds the confirmation vote. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos this morning that if the Senate doesn’t investigate these claim, including perjury, because Democrats don’t believe Kavanaugh no matter what, then the House will get the ball moving on looking into these charges. 

And it won't be just on Kavanaugh,by the way. As you'd expect, if Democrats win in 2018, there will be hearing after hearing after hearing, and after all those...another hearing on a grocery list of subjects where the Democrats don't like Trump:

We are in a state of war with the Democrats, folks. And there are still many Republicans who fail to grasp that. It’s why we keep losing. It’s why we keep falling for their tricks. There is not one Democrat who will be satisfied with the FBI report that is about to drop in the coming days on these sexual misconduct allegations. Not one, which will be used to ask for another delay until the FBI conducts a more thorough review. Again, it’s a delay ploy, which Jeff Flake will probably fall for again because he’s the most insufferable Republican on the Hill right now. Thank you, Jeff Flake for possible dashing the largest conservative victory in a generation, but don’t expect a gift basket from the DNC. They still hate you—and now your own party hates you. 

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