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Disgusting: Liberals Getting Sick Enjoyment Watching Kavanaugh's Emotional Defense Of His Character

It’s Judge Brett Kavanaugh turn before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Christine Blasey Ford gave lengthy testimony about her allegation against the judge, where she says he tried to rape her at a high school party in 1982. Kavanaugh has strongly denied these allegations. Ford isn’t the only one. Two more women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. In all three cases, there is no evidence and no corroborative witnesses. These charges are unprovable. They’re three decades plus old. And all of this reeks of a coordinated political hit job by Democrats and anti-Kavanaugh forces to get a scalp before the midterms and derail the Trump White House’s attempt to get a solid conservative majority on the Court. That’s the prize. The Left fears Kavanaugh will be part of the voting bloc that ends their favorite hobby: aborting babies. The Right sees their base issues being protected for the next 25-30 years. This is why it’s a street fight. 


Kavanaugh gave an impassioned and fiery opening statement in which he was defending his character, remarking that this whole process has become a national disgrace, and that advise and consent has been replaced with search and destroy. He again strongly denied the allegations, carefully detailing his past, admitting to drinking some beer in high school, and at times, being brought to tears over how his life, family, and career are being destroyed because some people can’t accept election results.


As he made these remarks, Kavanaugh was mocked by left-wingers because this is who they are, and some congressional Democrats engaged in the schadenfreude as well. If Kavanaugh were calm and collected, the Left would take that as a sign of guilt as well. Kavanaugh needs to do what he’s doing now: fight and don’t take the Democrats’ crap. 

Friendly reminder: Democrats hate us and they're not our friends. 

Here are some of the reactions to his opening remarks. They’re quite awful:


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