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So, is this another case of Trump Derangement Syndrome? Illinois Democrat Sean Casten, who is hoping to unseat incumbent Republican Peter Roskam in the state’s sixth congressional district, said that President Trump and the dead al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who we righteously killed in 2011, “have a tremendous amount in common.” The funny thing is he knows this statement veers into the realm of the hyperbolic, even mentioning it before he makes the remark (via Free Beacon):


Democratic congressional hopeful Sean Casten said he thought President Donald Trump had a "tremendous amount in common" with al Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, the man responsible for the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that claimed nearly 3,000 lives.

"In many ways—and I don't mean to sound overly, I don't know, hyperbolic on this—Trump and Osama Bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common," Casten said, according to audio of a February meeting with voters that was obtained by the Free Beacon…


Casten, a "clean energy entrepreneur" who emerged on top of a tight primary in Illinois' sixth district in March, made the bizarre comparison after he was asked by a voter for his plans to advance gun-control legislation if he were elected. The comment was part of Casten's explanation that gun-control opponents, whom he appears to be comparing to al Qaeda supporters, are what will keep gun-control legislation from advancing to the House floor.

"They have both figured out how to use the bully pulpit to activate marginalized young men," Casten said. "Every demagogue has done this—find a group of angry people and give them something to be angry at."

The Free Beacon has the audio clip as well, along with the entire meeting, which you can find here. We’re back to this crap again, and Casten isn’t the first. Notice how he makes the comparison grounded in demagoguery. He might have just said that Trump is a Nazi because that’s the person who is most cited as a monomaniacal demagogue, and someone that Democrats seem to think all members of the Republican Party are secretly aligned with their political views. Actually, any person who drifts away from the left wing Democratic Party ethos is a Nazi. It’s a cheap swipe. It’s a lazy swipe. It’s a historically illiterate swipe. And it’s lost its impact if it ever had one, and I doubt it did. It’s overreach. It makes you look like a desperate crazy person who can’t put forward an actual policy position. Most normal people (i.e. people who aren’t Democrats) know the comparison is straight garbage. So, in this instance, the Left decided to move onto another odious figure to smear Republicans: Osama bin Laden. 


Also, maybe it’s worth wondering why these people are angry. Most of them are patriotic, hardworking Americans trying to raise their families after being ignored by the Acela Corridor, the Democratic Party, and the elite political establishment for decades. They’ve heard the fancy speeches and got nothing in return. Maybe they voted for Trump because he wasn’t like any other politicians because he’s not one. He’s shaking up the system. They waned to nuke it—and Trump sure seemed like the man to do it. In doing so, they’ve seen an economy go into overdrive. They see results. He’s a cheerleader for America in way that Obama never was. These people aren’t racist. They just wanted a seat at the table, which they got.  Now, if you’re living in CNN-MSNBC trash land, then yes, America is crumbling, Trump is Hitler, and the Russian infestation is pervasive, but you’d have to be on crack cocaine to actually believe it—and for the most part, everyone knows what the liberal elite media pushes out is straight garbage, just like this Trump and Osama bin Laden have a lot in common remark. 

Casten joins former Consumer Financial protection Bureau chief Richard Cordray, who is running for governor of Ohio, who compared Ohio Republicans to Nazi collaborators, or something. Nazis, Osama bin Laden comparisons…you guys have nothing, right? The booming economy is something you can outflank. And for all the talk about the GOP not having any ideas, the Democrats seem to only be laser focused on making insane statements, crying for impeachment, and wallowing in anti-Trump rage. That’s not a winning recipe. 


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