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Misleading: Um, CNN, Marco Rubio Has Worked On Bills To Reduce Gun Violence. What You Said Was Total Trash

This happened mid-March, but it’s never too late to point out on explicit media bias or egregious attempts to lie to your viewers. CNN did just that—shocker—when the House passed the Stop School Violence Act in the wake of the horrific shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, which left 17 people dead. The calls for new gun control have reached fever pitch again, though this bill contained none of the provisions anti-gun liberals wanted. It nevertheless passed the House overwhelmingly on March 15. That’s also when CNN’s Alisyn Camerota tried to take a swipe at Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for pushing a piece of legislation to make daylight savings time permanent, insinuating that he’s never worked to pass bipartisan school safety bills or any law aimed to reduce gun violence. She lobbed that softball to Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), who is supporting a bill that would virtually institute a gun ban. In fact, 156 of the 193 House Democrats support it. This is going to rear its ugly head if the Democrats win in 2018, folks. Keep that in mind for this year. Our rights are very much in the crosshairs if they win.

"Um, one of your colleagues in the Senate, Marco Rubio, who, of course, represents Florida and was there with you at our CNN town hall, he introduced a bill yesterday. It was about Daylight Saving Time. He wants to make it year round. Do you think that helps gun violence?” Camerota asked. 

Deutch chuckled a bit, saying, “I assume that's a rhetorical question."

"Well, I mean I guess my point is things are being done in Congress, but they're not being done on this issue of even his home state. And I just want you to explain why this would be his priority,” she added.

Well, let’s go through the history (via Allahpundit):

Here’s the one-page fact sheet of his various proposals. A timeline of just the past two weeks:

March 1: Rubio announces his intention on the Senate floor to introduce legislation to reduce school shootings

March 5: Rubio introduces the Stop School Violence Act

March 5: Rubio co-sponsors the NICS Denial Notification Act with Pat Toomey, Chris Coons, and Bill Nelson

March 5: Rubio calls on the Department of Education to tighten guidelines for reporting dangerous behavior at school to law enforcement

March 7: Rubio and Nelson introduce a bill to make “gun-violence prevention orders” available to law enforcement

March 7: Rubio co-sponsors a bill with 12 other senators to increase funding for school counselors, alarm systems, security cameras and crisis intervention training

March 13: Rubio, Nelson and several other senators hold a press conference to promote the Stop School Violence Act

March 14: Rubio testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee to promote his plans to reduce shootings

That doesn’t include everything he’s proposing. Per his fact sheet, he also supports the Fix NICS Act to tighten up the background-check system and wants Congress to work with Trump to ban bump stocks.

Okay—I’ll just say this, at times CNN can be good. I know a couple of people who work there. They’re good folks, but the overall coverage that CNN devotes to this White House and Republicans is total garbage. The cumulative effect is, of course, insufferably liberal. And this is a prime example of that. Rubio has worked on legislation to do both: make schools safer and reduce gun violence. This is a total garbage segment by CNN and it merely took going to Marco Rubio’s website to debunk the main point. 

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