Hey, Claire, You Might Not Want To Say That About Trump Supporters

Posted: Mar 15, 2018 1:25 PM

UPDATE: Via NTK Network: McCaskill now says that Clinton’s remarks serve as a poor example of how you should talk about voters. Obviously, she disagrees with how her state voted but she respects their choice. At the same time, Claire defended Hillary for calling Trump voters “deplorable” in 2016.


Well, it seems Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one slamming Trump voters. Sen. Claire McCaskill decided to mock the 1.5 million+ voters in her state for electing a “reality TV star” president in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. America Rising released the ad prior to President Trump’s visit to Missouri yesterday to tout the recent tax cut bill that has incentivized over 250 companies to re-invest back into America and dole out $1,000+ bonuses to over three million workers. Some companies have given up to $3,000 to their workers, with others, like Costco, announced that they’re going to share the profits from this bill with their workers and increase wages.


This bill was an overwhelmingly a pro-middle and working class bill that Democrats universally opposed. They looked at the polling, which was terrible at the time the bill was signed into law last December, but it’s now clinched majority support. Public opinion is shiftable sand and its apparent workers aren’t concerned about income inequality. They’re worried about their immediate family’s financial future. These bonuses go a long way towards building a foundation for saving and investing. Democrats have, in turn, decided to denigrate this relief as “crumbs.”  

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Kevin McCullough

McCaskill is extremely vulnerable in her state, which went heavily for Trump. If the election were held today, she would lose to Republican Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. On top of that, 58 percent of voters in her state approve of the Trump tax bill, with another 53 percent saying the economy has improved from last year.