Yeah, Here's Another Reason Why Conservatives Should Just Should Turn Off The Oscars Tonight

Posted: Mar 04, 2018 8:30 AM
Yeah, Here's Another Reason Why Conservatives Should Just Should Turn Off The Oscars Tonight

Well, the 90th Academy Awards are tonight. The cream of the Hollywood elite is going to hobnob with the press, take photos, give interviews, and the speculation over who will win from the various categories will be disseminated. Yet, in the age of Trump, you can expect the bashing of our president to occur tonight. You can also expect swipes at those who are not in this club—Republicans, rural voters, people from small towns—to be ridiculed. Oh, and I forgot, there’s going to be pro-gun control pins that celebrities are expected to wear, according to reports. Nothing is confirmed, but this wouldn’t shock me (via MSN):

Michael Bloomberg’s New York-based gun control advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety has created anti-gun violence pins for celebrities to wear to the Oscars on Sunday (March 4), sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

Since the Parkland, Florida, high school massacre that left 17 dead last month, thousands of young people have called upon the organization to support their efforts to advocate for more stringent gun control laws and other public safety issues.

According to one Hollywood stylist, the pins have been sent to The Wall Group and other key Hollywood agencies to dole out prior to the red carpet.

The pins will likely display #NeverAgain, the rallying slogan for the movement. Everytown for Gun Safety has not yet responded to THR's request for confirmation.  

Yeah, the anti-Trump hysteria that has engulfed the Hollywood Left was enough to keep me away from watching the Oscars. Now, we have another reason. Sure, exercise your First Amendment rights, Hollywood, but c’mon. You guys have yet to deal with the full consequences of tolerating a predatory Hollywood producer. You want to fight sexual assault and harassment? Well, the biggest wolf was lurking in your backyard—and you all did nothing. You never cleaned up your own house. You still haven't. 

Now, of course, you’re backing gun control. Way to catch onto the flavor of the week? I wonder what the next tragedy will be for this lot to hop on whatever train for such an event to exploit for media exposure. These people don’t care—most of them either own guns or have armed bodyguards—they’re all about keeping them safe, but to hell with the little people. 

If these people weren’t serious or didn’t have the strength to call out some rather horrible people in their industry who have committed egregious acts of sexual misconduct, don’t expect them to do much for gun control. It’s the same old game. Yell about guns, and then go back to reading scripts and doing nothing. 

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We get it. You people are liberal. You can’t stand Trump or his supporters, and shame on anyone who disagrees with their hyper progressive outlook. Yeah—I’ll just watch the winners by scrolling through the AP’s Twitter feed. I don’t need to be denigrated again for not voting for Hillary Clinton. It’s only made me, and I hope the rest of us who didn’t vote for her, more confident that we made the right decision. Hillary will never be president and gun control is never going to pass. If you have nothing to do and don’t want to be subjected to being smeared by the Left tonight, go see Death Wish. Liberals hate the film, you’d be doing a public service. 

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