Liberals Erupt Over Washington Post Front Page Headline Because It Wasn’t Anti-Trump Enough

Posted: Feb 01, 2018 1:10 PM

It wasn’t an inaccurate headline from The Washington Post. President Donald Trump delivered his State of the union address last night, where he gave a shout out to House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), who was shot last summer by a crazed Bernie Sanders supporter named James Hodgkinson. Scalise and four others were injured while practicing for the annual congressional baseball game in Alexandria, Virginia. Hodgkinson was shot and killed by police. The president gave him a warm welcome back to Congress. He later said:

In the aftermath of that terrible shooting, we came together, not as Republicans or Democrats, but as representatives of the people.  But it is not enough to come together only in times of tragedy.  Tonight, I call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground, and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people we were elected to serve.

The Post’s original front page read, “a call for bipartisanship,” but liberals torched the publication because the headline was not being anti-Trump enough. So, the paper surrendered, and updated the front page to read “a new American moment” (via the Federalist):

With only 670 retweets and more than 3.7k replies, the tweet got ratio’ed pretty hard. Here’s some of the shade liberals threw at the Post. 

Kevin M. Kruse, who wrote a book about “how corporate America invented Christian America” suggested the newspaper would “regret” its headline.

“Technologist” Tom Coates fact-checked the headline, saying that while Trump talked about bipartisanship, he is not happy that the president hasn’t reached across the aisle more frequently during his first year in office.

Adam Parkhomenko, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, photoshopped the president’s picture out and replaced it with the signature of Hillary Clinton, a two-time presidential loser, under the new Washington Post headline tweeting, “fix it for you.”

Liberals are still steaming, but for everyone else—literally—the president delivered a tremendous speech, clinching a 75 percent positive reception. Oh, and eight in ten who watched the speech felt the president was trying to unite the country.