That's His Last Name! CNN Contributor Steps On A Rake Being PC Police At College Basketball Game

Posted: Dec 19, 2017 4:35 PM

Well, CNN political commentator Hilary Rosen was forced to eat crow for attacking a college student as anti-Semitic for wearing a bacon suit. The Georgetown student, named Michael Bakan (pronounced “bacon”) apparently triggered the veteran political operative at a recent game against Syracuse. Rosen, having temporarily assumed the role of the political correctness police, took to Twitter to call out Bakan.

“Look at the guy in the ‘bacon suit. This is a Georgetown #Hoyas fans anti-Semitic smear to the Syracuse team,” she tweeted.  Yeah, that’s when everyone, including Mr. Bakan, stepped in to correct the record (via NY Post) :

“Hey, it’s ‘bacon man.’ It’s actually Mr. Bakan — pronounced ‘bacon.’ Just a fun costume,” Bakan tweeted at Rosen.

Rosen tried to save her own bacon by claiming she was given some bad intel.

“Awesome, u found me!” she tweeted to Bakan. “Thanks for telling me. I’m new to this school rivalry and got some bad info! I apologize and took down my tweet.”

Rosen never clarified what “bad info” she got about the legendary ‘Cuse-Georgetown rivalry or how it had to do with Judaism.

Syracuse is known for fielding some Jewish basketball players including Danny Schayes, who played in the NBA from 1981 to 1999 and was part of an Anti-Defamation League ad campaign with the tagline, “If you really believe in America, prejudice is foul play!” Jewish Coaches Association founder Bernie Fine was an assistant coach on the team for 35 seasons.

Okay, she apologized and deleted the tweet, but c’mon lady. Let’s get a grip. Also, if you don’t know much about the rivalry, then just sit there and enjoy the game. No one asked you to be the political correctness avenger. In fact, since you had zero ground to accuse Bakan of anything—it was best if you just had kept your hand off your phone. And people talk about how Donald Trump is irresponsible on Twitter. 

Also, “bad info” is to blame? This isn’t a national intelligence briefing. It’s a college basketball game. This is what happens when you think everything is political. Sooner or later you’re going to get a face full of buckshot. Looks like we have another CNN member misreporting stuff. 


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