BLM Co-Founder: No, We Wouldn’t Meet With Trump; He’s The Epitome of Evil

Posted: Aug 25, 2017 7:30 PM

Every time the nation appear divided, there’s always someone from Washington, whether it be a president, a senator, or a member of Congress that calls for bridging divides. We saw that with the assassination attempts on Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) and Steve Scalise (R-LA) in 2011 and 2017 respectively, though everyone returned to their partisan corners within days or weeks. It’s the nature of politics these days. When it comes to Black Lives Matter and the Trump administration, it’s no shocker that the two sides vociferously disagree on everything. Should they meet? Well, according to the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, that’s not happening. Cullors said that Trump is “the epitome of evil,” who represents all the evils that are interwoven into this country, with capitalism being one of those evils. In short, she said that we wouldn’t have sat down with Adolf Hitler as a reason to reject any possibility of meeting with the president or his administration. Cullors said this in an interview with the Los Angeles Times [emphasis mine]:

Trump has called BLM a threat. Is the door open to talk to him?

It's not. And we wouldn't take the invitation.

Why not?

We wouldn't as a movement take a seat at the table with Trump, because we wouldn't have done that with Hitler. Trump is literally the epitome of evil, all the evils of this country — be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia.

He has set out some of the most dangerous policies, not just that impacts this country but impacts the globe. And so for us, the answer is not to sit with him but to resist him and to resist every single policy that he's implemented that impacts our communities.

And … if I'm thinking about what I want my children to know in 30, 40, 50 years, I want them to know that I resisted a president at all costs, because this president literally tried to kill our communities, and is killing our communities.

So, Trump is more or less the anti-Christ and capitalism is evil. Are we cruising to a second term here because that’s, uh—crazy.  

(H/T Alex Griswold/Free Beacon)