MSNBC Host Tries to Bait Mother Of Charlottesville Victim To Bash Trump

Posted: Aug 19, 2017 7:45 AM

On Thursday, NBC News Katy Tur interviewed Susan Bro, the mother of Heather Heyer, who was killed when a white nationalist plowed through a group of counter demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia last Saturday. The suspect, James Alex Fields, Jr., who injured 19 others in the attack, has been charged with second-degree murder. Bro said that she is going to keep alive the memories of her daughter, especially the conversations they shared in the later parts of her young life. The chyron stated that it would be an interview about the legacy Heyer would leave behind, though Tur decided to ask multiple questions about Donald Trump. Did he contact you? Was he invited to speak at the memorial service? What was your reaction when he blamed both sides for the violence that erupted?

Obviously, this was an attempt to bait Bro to slam Trump. She didn’t, she was too mentally drained to do anything concerning contacting the president, no public officials were invited to speak at the service, and she didn’t give an opinion on Trump’s remarks because she felt she didn’t have all the facts to make a comment. The Free Beacon clipped the interview:

Tur then jumped into five straight questions about Trump, although Bro did not offer any criticism of the president in her answers.

"Susan, the president tweeted yesterday, ‘Memorial service today for beautiful and incredible Heather Heyer, a truly special young woman. She will be long remembered by all!'" Tur said. "He also told reporters that he would be reaching out to you. Have you had a chance to speak with the president?"

Bro said that she was contacted by the White House multiple times, but her phone was off and she had not been able to find time to speak with Trump yet, saying it "feels awful, but I just haven't had time to talk to the president."

"Often times, in public tragedies like this, the president will be invited to speak at a memorial service. Was President Trump invited to this one?" Tur asked.

Bro said that no public officials were invited to speak at her daughter's memorial service on Wednesday. She said some politicians asked to speak, but were denied as the memorial service was about her daughter.


"I don't want to make this about politics, but politics is so consuming this tragedy and so consuming everything that happened in Charlottesville that day. The president went on to blame both sides again just the other day saying, ‘There was violence on the left, there was violence on the right,' and equating the two," Tur said. "Did you have a reaction to that?"

Bro answered Tur in almost the same way Trump did to the media on Tuesday, saying that she believes in having facts straight before making a statement.

What happened in Charlottesville was a disgrace. In the shadow of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, white nationalists and far left protesters duked it out, sending scores to the hospital. The alt-right groups were there to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue. The resulting violence has set off a firestorm of progressive insanity concerning other statues, including ones honoring Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Even Abraham Lincoln, who abolished slavery under the 13th Amendment, was not safe. A statue of him was vandalized in Chicago. There are no good actors in this debate.

The far left Antifa are thugs. The white nationalists are thugs. Trump was speaking generally when condemning both sides for violence, which isn’t false, but in this instance, someone was killed. Her name was Heather Heyer and a white nationalist murdered her. That sort of changes the whole discussion. Then again, in future debates about toxic political rhetoric, you cannot condemn white nationalists without slamming Antifa. We’ll see how this plays out. 

Ms. Bro did send Trump a thank you note, complimenting him for condemning those who promote violence.