Chelsea Manning Tried To Pick A Fight With Ben Shapiro–Things Did Not Turn Out Well

Posted: Aug 10, 2017 12:40 PM

Recently released Chelsea Manning, who worked in Army intelligence, tried to pick a fight with the Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro and it did not turn out well. In 2010, Manning leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, along with 250,000 cables from the State Department, to Wikileaks. That same year, Manning was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison for leaking classified material. President Barack Obama commuted the sentence after Manning served seven years (via WaPo):

Manning, 29, was an intelligence analyst for the Army at the time of her arrest in 2010. The trove of material she provided to anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks — documents known as the Iraq and Afghanistan “War Logs” — included video of a U.S. Apache helicopter opening fire on a group of suspected insurgents in Baghdad. Among the dead were two journalists who worked for the Reuters news agency.

She also leaked documents related to detainees at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and about 250,000 State Department cables.

Manning tweeted “imagine a world without prisons,” to which Shapiro responded by saying “we’ve all seen Mad Max.” The deathblow was delivered shortly thereafter. Independent Journal Review’s Benny Johnson wrote about the exchange.  


Editor's Note: Manning was mistakenly referred to as an Army officer. That wasn't the case. Apologies for the error, folks.

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