The New Death Wish Trailer Triggers Progressives, Say It's Alt-Right Propaganda

Posted: Aug 05, 2017 7:00 PM

Well, I’m not a fan of remakes, though Evil Dead was rather good, but it appears Bruce Willis and director Eli Roth (Hostel, Cabin Fever) have decided to do a modern take on Death Wish, which starred the late Charles Bronson. It’s quite simple. Thugs brutalize a law-abiding man’s family, the cops can’t do much, and so the man take matters into his own hands and declares war on criminality. It’s a plot device that’s been done over and over again for years: revenge. Yet, that was before the progressive hordes of Mordor decided to infest everything with political correctness. Now, this remake is nothing more than something to cater to the “apocalypse fetishists over at NRATV.” Oh, and it’s alt-right, or something. Justen Charters at Independent Journal Review captured the progressive outrage

Again, it’s a movie. It’s a remake. It’s nothing new and the protagonist kills bad people. Everyone, relax—there’s no propaganda going on here. It's only a movie, which I will now definitely see. 

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