CNN Contributor: Trump Isn't My President

Posted: Jul 17, 2017 6:00 PM

CNN contributor Angela Rye does not hide her disdain for President Trump. During a segment with CNN’s John Berman and fellow contributor former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), Rye said that Donald Trump was not her president. The topic was, of course, Russia, because while they may think the story is “mostly bulls**t,” it’s a ratings gold mine.

The latest episode of this saga revolved around Donald Trump, Jr. taking a meeting under the pretense that this Russian lawyer had dirt on Hillary Clinton. It was arranged by a Russian pop star, through his publicist, who said the information is highly sensitive and part of the Russian government’s effort to help Donald Trump win the election. In the end, the meeting didn’t yield any information about Clinton. It wasn’t grounded in the 2016 campaign at all, but it was held ill advisedly in Trump Tower in June of 2016. The optics are bad. Trump, Jr. should have known better, but this still isn’t actual evidence of collusion, only that he was “collusion curious.”

Rye also commented on the Trump White House’s shaky grasp of the truth.

“He [Trump] went into a press conference during the summer asking Russia to find the other 30,000 emails [from Hillary Clinton]. There are a lot of things that your president has done to defy logic.”

“Your president, too, Angela. Your president too,” Kingston said.

“He’s your president,” replied Rye.

“The president of the United States,” said Berman as he closed the segment.

That’s just immature. Did I like that Obama was re-elected twice? No. But there was no doubt he was my president, even though I didn’t vote for him. It’s just another reminder to liberals that the Obama party is over. He’s come and gone and in our system of government, be prepared that the other candidate could win (a lot) in our elections. It happens. You thought the cities were the keys to the kingdom and everyone else could—more or less—go to hell. That was a fatal mistake.

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