What?! Clinton Ally Suggests We Bomb Russia In Response To Election Meddling

Posted: Jul 13, 2017 3:09 PM

Last night, Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and former counselor to President Bill Clinton, suggested we bomb Russia in response to their election meddling.  The Clinton ally was on CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s panel, where the discussion, of course, was about Donald Trump, Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer in June of 2016 under the pretense that damning information on Hillary Clinton would be divulged. A Russian pop star through his publicist arranged it. The publicist, Rob Goldstone, said this was sensitive information and part of the Russian government’s effort to help Donald Trump. The meeting was a dud, but talk of collusion, even treason, was brought up. Frankly, there’s still no hard evidence of collusion, and even CBS’ John Dickerson said that this showed that Trump Jr. was “collusion curious.” Still not good, but not the smoking gun that liberals are making this out to be. Nevertheless, Begala said that no patriotic American would try to subvert an election through a hostile foreign power that he views Trump Jr. was trying to do with this meeting.  Then, things got crazy.

We were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power, and they seem to be abetting that hostile foreign power, We should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB, GSU, or GRU [Russia’s foreign military intelligence agency]. We should be retaliating massively because, by the way, if I were a Trump supporter I would want to retaliate massively because it has tainted his victory.

Nice concern trolling there at the end, Paul. The Washington Free Beacon, which clipped the exchange, also found Begala’s past tweets, where he praised Obama for mocking Mitt Romney on Russia in 2012, but then admitted he was wrong in 2016. The Russians are certainly not our friends, but funny how the Left has gone from benign indifference on Russia, to they’re a hostile enemy, any meetings with them are inappropriate, and that they should be bombed.