Samantha Bee To Clinton: It Should Have Been YOU! (Or This Is Why You Lost Part XIV)

Posted: Apr 10, 2017 1:40 PM

At the 8th annual Women In The World Summit, comedian Samantha Bee had the honor of introducing former secretary of state and two-time presidential loser Hillary Rodham Clinton to a discussion with The New York Times' Nicholas Kristof. To no one’s surprise, it had a lamentation about how she isn’t president and how misogyny is creeping all over the country like a swarm of locusts. Right, misogyny is what took Clinton down, which is why 52 percent of white women (and 62 percent of white working class women) voted for President Donald J. Trump. It’s antics like this, while annoying, that are still highly entertaining. These people still don’t get it—and they may never get that this is why they lost. In 2016, Democrats lost because they had a sucky candidate with a crappy message. Combine the two, coupled with progressive condescension and loathing of those who are not like them, well—you might find yourself being trumped by the America (yes, liberals there’s are people that live beyond your urban confines) that exists outside of these massive progressive bubbles. Should we be shocked that these people don’t know that not everyone supports transgender bathrooms, safe spaces, speech codes, and the end to free speech as we know it to a) not offend other people; and b) wipe out conservative voices that dare to say things, like hair privilege, is stupid. Americans don’t care about this—they care about jobs and economic stability, which Trump articulated. Clinton did not. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop people from saying it should’ve been you.

So I’m only going to say this once—though you deserve to hear it 100 times—it should have been you. And you would have made mistakes. And you would have been attacked for doing things that would now seem inconsequential.

Hell, I was supposed to talk about you on my show for the next 4 years–and now I’m saddled with that pint of flat orange Fanta who gives me way more material than I’d ever want. I thought—and feared—that you being elected would unleash a wave of misogyny in the US. But as we’ve seen, that happened anyway—which is why we can’t allow ourselves to dwell on the fact that I had a celebratory blue-sequin custom suit made for my post-election show, and could *barely* wear it.

Well, it isn’t her. She lost. She’s a loser, but that didn’t stop Clinton from also saying that misogyny played a part in sinking her presidential aspirations. Russia, FBI Director Comey, and Wikileaks were the reasons why she lost. It wasn’t because she had a crap campaign, which treated her email fiasco flippantly. It wasn’t because she shunned white voters, thinking that the Obama coalition would automatically transfer onto her. That’s laughable; Clinton is not nearly as charismatic or likable as Obama. Outside of the progressive bubbles of America’s cities, people didn’t like her. She didn’t talk about job creation. She didn’t talk about trade, partially because she couldn’t.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership formed part of the foundation for this 2016 issue, and Clinton once called it the “gold standard” of trade agreements, despite deep skepticism with most Democrats in Congress, labor unions, and some Republicans. In short, her campaign showed that big data campaigning isn’t the silver bullet. Also, the emails, which proved to be the issue that just destroyed her on character issues, wouldn’t have been a problem if she had not used an unauthorized and unsecure homebrew server for official State Department business. If she followed the rules, this wouldn’t have been a big deal. Contrary to some in liberal circles, allegations that you mishandled classified information while acting, as the face of our foreign policy and our chief diplomat is a big deal. Yet, we all know the Clintons are not good at following the rules - they have their own.

Liberals have tried for years to make Clinton happen and both times they failed. She sucked. She was always a bad campaigner, the more she was given the limelight—the faster her approval ratings sank. I’m not saying Trump was stellar either; he sure had his flaws—some of which would have been campaign killers in previous cycles, hut he persevered. He won a grueling primary and beat one of the best connected, well-financed, and utterly ruthless campaign machines in American politics. If Clinton could lose to a reality television star, you know she was terrible. At the same time, I would take that person any day over Hillary Clinton, which is why I don’t regret voting for Donald Trump.

After the Republican convention, there was only one principle: making sure Clinton didn’t happen. And it won't ever happen. Clinton said that she's done running for elected office. 

Hallelujah. Hallelujah.