One Day After London Terrorist Attack, Man Attempts To Run Over People In Antwerp Shopping Center

Posted: Mar 23, 2017 12:45 PM

It’s been a day since the horrific terrorist attack in London that left at least four dead and 20 wounded. Now, across the channel in Belgium, a man has been arrested for trying to use a car to run over people in Antwerp. The Guardian reports that the suspect is a French national of North African descent, who was wearing "a camouflage uniform" upon his arrest by Belgian police. This person also had more military gear and weapons in the trunk of the vehicle:

Belgian police have arrested a man after he tried to drive into a crowd at high speed in a shopping area of Antwerp, the city’s police chief said.

At 11am a car drove at pedestrians walking along the Meir, Antwerp’s largest shopping street, and “people had to jump to the side” to avoid the vehicle, said Serge Muyters, the Antwerp police chief.

The driver was arrested after a chase in the city centre.

Muyters said the suspect was a man of north African origin, who was wearing a camouflage uniform.

Belgian prosecutors said the arrested man was a French national who lived in France.

According to RTFB, the Francophone state broadcaster, weapons and military uniforms were found in the boot of the car, a red Citroën, and a security perimeter was put in place.

The mayor of Antwerp said that more police and military personnel have been deployed to security. We’ll keep you updated.

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