Watch Live: Anti-Trump Protestors Spill Their Feelings After Shocking Loss In D.C., Rail Against Patriarchy

Posted: Nov 15, 2016 3:15 PM

Townhall’s Leigh Wolf and Justin Holcomb are on the ground covering the D.C. anti-Trump rally. Right now, a transgender woman is thanking people for turning out to stand up against hatred. Another woman is now asking protestors to shout if they identify as "queer." President-elect Donald J. Trump has said that he's fine with the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage. In fact, he's the most pro-gay rights Republican ever elected, but they're spilling their feelings anyway. Oh, and they just gave each other hugs. Tune in for updates.

  • Woman asked crowd who has been grabbed by their p**sy?
  • Leigh observed that there’s not a single American flag at this protest.
  • Organizer says they don’t have a protest permit, calls the process a tool of racist…. heteronormative patriarchy. In other words, screw the rule of law.
  • March has begun going towards White House, at least 1,000 anti-Trump protestors.
  • Chants so far “we reject the president-elect and this is what democracy looks like, Islamophobia is not America”

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