Charlotte Mayor Imposes Curfew, Wasn’t Enforced Because Protests Were Peaceful

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 7:02 AM
Charlotte Mayor Imposes Curfew, Wasn’t Enforced Because Protests Were Peaceful

While Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney said that a curfew wasn’t needed in response to the chaos that ensued from Wednesday night’s protests, Mayor Jennifer Roberts decided to impose one lasting from 12 a.m.-6 a.m.—and it will remain in effect until the order is rescinded or the an end to the state of emergency is declared.

Yet, last night’s protests weren’t like Wednesday’s fiasco. They were orderly, calm, and no police were reportedly injured. No protesters were taken to the hospital either due to injuries from violence.

As midnight passed, Capt. Mike Campagna told The Associated Press that they were not going to enforce the curfew by removing protesters off the streets since they were being peaceful.

Also, in a brief interview with Fox News, Capt. Campagna said that the Charlotte Police Department was mostly serving an observing role, as a significant number of protesters were effectively policing their own and keeping order. At the same time, he did say that they were prepared to enforce the curfew should the situation deem that course of action necessary:

12:30 a.m.

Charlotte police say they don't plan to forcibly remove protesters from the street after curfew as long as the situation remains peaceful.

Capt. Mike Campagna says in a CNN interview that the midnight curfew is a tool the police can use if it becomes necessary, but they hope that won't be the case.

Campagna says people inside the group of demonstrators helped keep things peaceful Thursday, the third night of protests after an officer fatally shot a black man. He says community members intervened with aggressors after seeing the need when protests became violent Wednesday night.

Sadly, that man who was shot, 26-year-old Justin Carr, passed away from those injuries.