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Watch: Hillary Clinton's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Yes, it’s a video from the Republican National Committee, but it doesn’t negate the fact that Hillary Clinton had a disaster of a week. The Associated Press’ story showing that more than half of the people she met with outside of government were Clinton Foundation donors, which was followed by Hillary supporters saying that the former first lady needs to change the way she manages her Foundation ties.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump went to Louisiana to assess the damage from the recent flooding, the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Clinton decided to fundraise with Cher. There were 15,000 more emails the FBI found that Clinton didn’t turn over, which the former secretary of state joked about on the late night shows. Former Obama adviser David Axelrod said this isn’t something to be cavalier about.

Also, the power couple announced that they would not be taking any more donations from corporate or foreign interests should Hillary win the presidential election. Everyone was asking why now? Shouldn’t this have been enacted when she became secretary of state? As the media discussed what appears to be a purely political move (I know, shocker, right?) on behalf of the Clinton campaign, Hillary fundraised with Magic Johnson.


As for Clinton’s aversion to take questions from the press, even deploying sweets, like chocolate, to shut them up, we’re left with a “stay tuned” regarding future press conferences; a rather transparent way of saying it’s not happening. Ironic, since Hillary Clinton is anything but transparent.

Good work, RNC war room.

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